‘The Elemental Grace Alliance’

The Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses are about how we can change the world through understanding our true relationships with the Elemental Kingdoms. This Website is Evolving and is all about a Set of Channelled Discourses from All Levels of Consciousness that I invoked to help me begin to understand what we can do as Humanity, to Bridge the Gap of Awareness between Humanity and the Elemental, Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms. It began with a single thought and has now escalated to something beyond my wildest imaginings!

Today we NOW have a Unified Plan of Consciousness to Initiate and Create that New Bridge to Freedom, for the Whole of Humanity, the Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms.

God was my Inspiration to truly come to terms with where we are at this time within the Evolution of Humanity upon Earth.  God Knows we have made of mess of this world, and God Knows we can clean it up! And We are the ONLY ONES who can do this, not individually, but through a Unified Group of Like Minded and Like Resonant Souls! It is not for everyone, indeed, only for a very small percentage of Human Souls, but if you are reading this, maybe it is for you?

We Are here to now make the greatest difference to the planet in its 10 billion year history.  We are 5,000 years behind in Our Evolution according to The Hierarchy, and we have a short window of opportunity to realign and adjust that calculation, and there is only One Way we can All do that Now! This is not just my Journey, but that of many other Human Souls Expressing Their Individualized God Presence here on Earth.  

But here is an admonishment from Christ Jesus from the Christ Letters No. 9, which the Elemental Grace Alliance Project is consciously addressing in many facets of its Universal Blueprint, Design and Plan.

“I want to remind you and impress upon your consciousness that the moment the most impoverished of human beings can understand the true nature of their origins and can make use of the knowledge, they can begin to pull themselves out of their rut and can then rise to any heights they choose for themselves, providing, daily, they tune into the SOURCE OF THEIR BEING and draw on Its Infinite Power, Life, direction, inspiration and guidance.” Christ Jesus

This will mean some deeper inner work that each of us must make if we truly wish to raise our vibrational frequencies required to fulfil and execute Divine Plans like this Elemental Grace Alliance for one!

There is a great deal to assess and familiarise yourself here within this Alliance, so please take your time and I Am available to answer any questions or inquiries that you may have!

In Loving Service to Humanity and Mother Earth

God Bless You, Humanity, The Elementals, Devas, Angelic Host Kingdoms and Mother Earth All!

For Whom The ‘Heart Quickens’

Universal Celebration

Universal Joy

All Mandalas in this website are here Courtesy of Peter Wiechenthaler ©2010  All About Mandalas Go To ‘Sacred Mandalas Page’!

Dear Hearts,

Welcome to the Elemental Grace Alliance Website; you come with a Joy that fills my Heart. Bless You for allowing Your I Am Presence to Guide you here. Whether you are aware of this fact or not, nevertheless it is the Truth!  We can only tell you that you are here for a reason! That reason shall be your mission to find for yourself, if that is your choice. Free will, is always at play, and nothing can happen at any level for you, without your personal permission, consciously!

This Website is dedicated to the New Children of Earth, both those already here, those who have yet to be born and those whom shall arrive soon without passing through the normal incarnational birth processes.  This is not readily known right now, due to the delicate nature of its Divine Purpose.  You may read all about the New Children within the Elemental Grace Alliance Book of Discourses.

The Elemental Grace Alliance is truly in its infancy of development and the overall goal shall take the next 2 generations to fully come into Divine Manifestation.  This Divine Plan was given to me to bring into the awareness of those human Souls who Know within their Hearts that this is a Project that they, when they had the Mind of God, assigned themselves to its Initiation, Growth, Development, Education, Expansion and Ultimate Creation.

We have created this Web Site so those who are Guided here, can find enough information to make a well informed decision as to whether the E-Book or Soft Cover Book known as the ‘Elemental Grace Alliance – A God Awakening’ will be a Path that they wish to walk upon. The words within the Book and all the supporting documents are just words, nothing more than that!  It is not until they resonate with you, that they shall allow you the emotional feelings or responses, to consider further, if you should seek greater awareness of this God Plan to place it within your life or not!

The Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses are long, and because of the nature of their presentation, may be very challenging for you. It is not a Website you can review in one sitting. If it resonates with you, you will be drawn back, time and time again! So to get a true feeling for it, before diving deeper into your own True Self around it, I pray that this Website will guide your Innate Knowing and decisions as to ‘where to from here’!

To get a more generous understanding of the New Children, please click on the next image and it will take you to the EGA Page called ‘New Children’ of the Earth.  

To get a taste of what awaits you here in the EGA, follow the link below to a Discourse by The Great Divine Director, called ‘GROUPS AND GATHERINGS.’

Welcome To The Elemental Grace Alliance

From the Work of Joseph Benner We insert this Mighty Question; Your/My/His I Am Presence speaking directly to you!

“If you only could know the Glory that awaits compliance with this longing, the surging in your heart! Then indeed would you be in Heaven, right here on Earth. And such Joy and Peace and Rest would be yours, that your very Soul, even now at the thought of it, almost bursts its bounds in its yearning that it may be. Then would Life be a continual Song of Gladness, for the Sun of My Love would Shine continuously from out Your Heart, Lighting and Blessing you all along the way.

Then would We Joyfully start out each day to Our business or task, be it whatever it may, you letting Me do the Leading, and you in service to My Every Word, Resting and Trusting Absolutely in My Wisdom and Judgment, KNOWING that the thing We do will always be just the RIGHT thing, and that all that We do, will bring SUCCESS, no matter what We undertake.

“How would you like to form such a Partnership My Child”?

Your answer will pave the way, as you traverse the Elemental Grace Alliance!

A Question to Ponder While You Review The EGA This Website has been consecrated and initiated through the “Will To Do”  Sanctioned by The Beloved Elohim Hercules and Eloah Amazonia! Free E-Book Heart Quickening Book Reviews Book Reviews Home Contact Contact For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am Why The  Word ‘Grace’ In The Elemental Grace Alliance Name?

 "Grace is a presence that descends on humanity and like all the Gene Key Siddhis, it requires that we meet it halfway, which for us humans may seem a long way. This is after all a perfected state in which everything about you and your life will be changed permanently. When true Grace descends it wipes out all your past Karma in a flash. It also wipes out the Karma of all your ancestors and all their ancestors. Grace softens and puts an end to fear and leaves you in no doubt about your Divinity. If Grace touches you, you no longer have your own destiny but become a musical instrument played by the Cosmos. With Grace all human emotion is instantly transformed into Love. Through Grace, the Universe has but one single wish – for you to remember that you are Love and there is nothing in you but Love”. Richard Rudd  from his book ‘The Gene Keys.’

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“I'm looking forward to The Elemental Grace Alliance Book II. I truly believe this EGA Book reveals so much of The God Particles of the formation of Everything, All of the Beings of God's Creation. For me this has been a Blessing and even though I'm not totally finished reading this Book, this is so complete with knowledge, right down to a single grain of sand. Gods Love for us is so Unconditional you can feel it while your reading through the Pages. If anyone ever questioned the Bible, wondering if there was more, Well this is it! So if you ever doubted yourself or Creation, then this is for you. This is a Calling for you! God Desires your Open Hearts and Minds. So much Love,Wisdom and Grace here, this will open your eyes even more, especially now. Love, Light, and Life”.

Karen Arnold,  September 26, 2016

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To help the Elemental Grace Alliance to continue to provide It’s Information and Services free of any charges or fees, please help us find the resources to meet all our Pledged Activities for this Divine Plan.  If you are in a position to be able to assist or contribute in helping us to at least cover our costs, or plan for a Greater Future, your kind and generous donations, gratuities or sponsorships, would be Gratefully and Loving Appreciated.  Thank you for your Heart Felt consideration.

God Bless You!

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