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‘John “Jairam” Gauthier’

Introduced to EGA: July, 2015

Joined the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council:  December, 2016

My Location:  Vancouver, Canada

Born in Canada’s Capital, Ottawa, I was raised in the vast province of Ontario.  The most memorable years being the ones spent in the wilderness of the north where I developed an appreciation for nature and its prolific wildlife.

I pursued my post-secondary education in Toronto where I graduated with a BSc in Psychology.  This field along with anthropology and astronomy fascinated me because of its study of human behaviour, cultures and civilizations which to me held many mysteries.  The next 20 post graduate years of my life were career focused which included a lot of travelling.  My occupation in Tourism and Hotel Management introduced me to cultural diversity around the world.  During my travels, my academic background provided me with an interest in indigenous groups and their spiritual practices.  Gravitating towards Buddhism, I started spending more time visiting world Buddhist pilgrimage sites and assuming a semi monastic role in monasteries and retreat centres in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.  

Upon returning to Canada after several years of absence and having acquired a deep sense of responsibility towards our planet, I decided on a new career in the field of sustainable agriculture.  At the turn of the century, Monsanto ruled, organic food was rare to find and the word sustainability was largely unknown. After completing my academic studies and apprenticeship in California I would spend the next 12 years helping land owners, communities and NGOs start-up or expand organic farm businesses around the world.  

My work in organic food production and sustainable technology continues to this day in close collaboration with my spiritual practice.  I currently live and work in an off-grid  Buddhist dharma community in BC’s Garibaldi Mountains, which promotes sustainability, selfless service and benevolence to Mother Earth and Her children.

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