‘About Jeannette Marie Rose’

Universal Love

Divine Gentleness

Co-Creator, Administrator, Guardian and Custodian Of the Elemental Grace Alliance’

Introduced to EGA: October, 2015

Joined the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council:  November 2016

My Location : Fresno, California, United States

My school has been my sojourn on this earth serving many rolls as a daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, mentor and friend.  My occupation for 25 years as a Public Servant Front Line Supervisor for the severely mentally ill, alcohol and substance abusers has given me and others the opportunity to serve with non-judgement the less fortunate and to assist our Family on this planet with finding their way back Home.  Abundance always follows a heart whose goal is to be of Service to others first.    

Our reactions to all life’s experiences and pain is what determines our Destiny. Turn away from what has caused you distress and live in Joy.  Joy is the Motor of our existence that moves you forward to True Freedom.  If you do this, then there will not be that in your energy which a destructive force can tie to or control something in your world.  Jesus the Christ said “Evil has found nothing in me to tie to” and because of that he had his Victory.

My Goal is to the “Will-To-Be” and the “Will-to-Good” becoming ONE combined Forcefield of Light, Love, Wisdom and power to restore the Diving Plan and Purpose on Earth..  It is to be a part of Unified Group of ONE Heart and Intelligent Mind and to build a Group Antahkarana functioning as an expression of the WHOLE with Hierarchy and Shamballa, all inclusive, non-separative motivated by goodness, beauty, truth and intelligently expressed as Pure LOVE.

There is a sense of joy that comes into your being when realized who I am, where I am going and how to get there.  All that joy and expectancy will sustain you through the path of Mastery.  The key to understanding and getting home is taking that next step and don’t give up!  We want to give you the tools and a spiritual arsenal needed to lighten the load and an end to lifetimes of repeated lessons. We are here to create a haven that is a positive experience of relief and protection for the Disciple and Initiate along the path of least resistance so that we may pass our final exam and claim our treasures and inheritance. We would like to help prepare you for your “trials by fire” and assist you with the tools needed to become the Divine Alchemy of Purification that separates our darkness from our light, to getting us to the Heart of God surely safely and become co-creators with God.

There is a reason you are here. You are not here by accident. United Group Love and Light
creates a Forcefield of Light that will eliminate darkness and pain from this planet.  Take advantage of the opportunity to do something to invoke LIGHT – LIGHT is the alchemical key – LIGHT heals the pain and changes the equation on situations on this planet.

Follow the Cosmic Law of your I AM Presence “FORGIVE IT AND FORGET IT, AND COME BACK TO ME – THROUGH LOVE, ”  and remember   "Love is the Greatest Force in the World, And Love of Fellow Man is the Greatest Love, For to Love Man is to Love God."  "May you be blessed with an Understanding Heart, For Understanding is the Door to Wisdom."  

I AM your Humble Servant to Unite in Oneness as a physical Individualised Expression of Service to God.

I AM here with pure intent and heart to “Let Go and Let God” so that I may Serve this Alliance and all of its Proposals “For the Greatest Good of All Concerned”.

I AM here as ONE with our Human Family to achieve Mastery of Self and to become fully Awakened to fulfil our True destiny – FREEDOM of Humanity and all of God’s Creations here.

I AM here to Magnetize, Manifest and Co-Create a Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit and join as ONE Awakened Family to begin the Work set out within the Proposals of this Divine Plan and Purpose.


Jeannette Marie Rose

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