‘About Shar’

Universal Consciousness

Diamond Heart

Introduced to EGA: June, 2016

Joined the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council:  December, 2016

My Location: St Paul, Minnesota,, United States

Becoming Awake and Aware are the key words that began this journey during this incarnation.  Being an extremely ancient soul with vast experiences throughout the multi-verse, has contributed to my soul’s qualifications to becoming vested into the Elemental Grace Alliance, Sun of Even Pressure Disciples Council by our Beloved Godmother Vesta.  Prior to my commitment pledge, as was divinely inspired by my Primary Guide, Lord Sanat Kumara and by our Beloved Maha Chohan, I stepped forward and requested membership.  I was introduced to the Elemental Grace Alliance by a friend in early 2016 and joined in late 2016 after reading and studying, The Elemental Grace Alliance, The Awakening, by Peter Melchizedek.  And shortly after, volunteered to serve on the Administration staff.  This position has led to a current Directorship.   I feel very honoured to serve in this alliance and have come to know and respect and love an extended universal star family.   

I have lived in the Twin Cities area of the State of Minnesota, USA for close to twenty years and am retired.  I am a former member of an international meditation group and served as the international group meditation coordinator; was a member of the administration team and was also a member of an international Galactic Elders Council in this same meditation group.   

The Elemental Grace Alliance, Sun of Even Pressure Disciples Council offers members the highest potential of service within the realms of Divine Sponsorship.  Each member has the opportunity to align with their I AM Presence or their Beloved God Presence in thought, action and spoken word.  Members work together in a cohesive group and in unified consciousness to bring forth loving and responsible creations that help the Earth, Humanity and the Elemental Kingdom.  These creations are of great necessity to aid the successful completion of our Divine Prime Creator’s and Divine Mother’s/Father’s  Plan for the Elementals and for Humanity.   

May All Be Blessed


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Co-Creator, Administrator, Guardian and Custodian Of the Elemental Grace Alliance’

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