‘About Paul’

Divine Love

Cosmic Consciousness

‘Paul “Aum Johanan” Soucy’

Introduced to EGA: November, 2015

Joined the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council:  December, 2016

My Location: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Fifth of nine in a family from a small French Canadian town, I spent my adult life as a public servant; first as an art gallery manager, then 25 years in public administration of the federal government while raising three children.  Retired in 2010, I dedicate further energy to inner life, relationships and learning.

As a proponent of Christ consciousness, I stumbled upon EGA documentation in 2015 and moved by its energetic content, have gained further insight and energy in the company of all the Light Beings involved, and became a member of the New Sun Of Even Pressure Disciples group in 2016.  

As Father-Mother God has given its soft and perfect loving intelligence to my/our sacred Soul inhabiting a Hu-man vessel, the waves of Source energy is now being abundantly felt and allows my remembrance of more and more of Who I Am, What I Serve, Why I Am Here, and the knowledge that I Am Here, Now.  And as you read this, rest assured that we share this same Divine energy making us Who We Are, together.  Mystical, timeless, spaceless, boundless and free from the fading programs of the past.  Sweet dreams, dear one.

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Co-Creator, Administrator, Guardian and Custodian Of the Elemental Grace Alliance’

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