‘About Tata’ Nee’

Cosmic Love In Action

Diamond Heart

Introduced to EGA: April, 2016

Joined the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council:  December, 2016

Location: Fresno, California, United States

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Administration and a Masters in Educational Assessment and Evaluation. I have over 30 years as a Grant Writer, Program Administrator and Educator in multiple fields. I served several years as a Peace Corps volunteer throughout South America as a Teacher and as an Agronomist, and have widely travelled through Central and Latin America.  I’ve done extensive work with gang youth, inner city families, and farm worker families. I have served as a translator and interpreter in medical and legal fields. I consider myself a confirmed human rights and civil rights activist, with strong ties to my Native American and Hispano heritage.  I am a published Writer and Poet. God has blessed me with a combined package of administrative, academic, and experiential learning and practical experience.

“All people are good people; it is their behaviour that is the cause of conflict and darkness. I look to myself, engaging in forgiveness in a progressive effort to rid myself of old baggage and donning a new robe of Light. My hand is extended; it will not be denied. Over time, despite having shared myself with many Human Beings, I daily discover that I was sharing a partial consciousness, incomplete and unfulfilled. I daily discover that while I can still share of myself, I am on a path to Full Consciousness, with a Hope that in time I can offer my whole self to at least one other Human. That is my goal”.

Tata’ Nee

‘Javier “Tata’ Nee” Aguirre’

Co-Creator, Administrator and Custodian

Of the Elemental Grace Alliance’

About Tata' Nee Contact For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am Christ Letters ‘Javier’s Book “Expanding Horizons”’

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"A comprehensive manual for learning and obtaining the skills to be a third party interpreter, even if a person does not have the language fluency capabilities. The manual addresses the process skills of interpreting, which focus on the clients' and service providers right of self-determination. It is designed to qualify bilingual staff to become qualified interpreters, in any field - education, mental health, medical, and human services -- through a process validated by the Office for Civil Rights under the Language Access requirements."

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