‘Flower of Life Fusion &  The Adam Lilith Kadmon Race’

Divine Power

Divine Balance

Flower of Life

First and foremost, I wish to share with you that what is shared here is probably more than I expected. But in saying that, I know that it is all in alignment with everything else here in the Elemental Grace Alliance and actually they all go hand in hand!

Before any attunement, activation or fusion takes place, it is vital that you review all the information thoroughly so that you are fully aware of what you are asking for!  

The other thing is this is all about Self Empowerment, Self Mastery, Self Motivation, Truth within the Essence of Your Own Divine Sovereignty with Mother Father God. It is about Integrity, Honour, Balance, Divine Order and Divine Will. So these activations thus become your own Full Responsibility to now engage and undertake in accordance with your Own Intentions! For that reason I am suggesting that you make your own arrangements to step into these potentials. You can do them as a Group if you wish, as there are no limitations or boundaries!  But in Truth this is Really between you and Your I Am Presence, The God within you and can be a very personalized experience!

I have tried to offer you all that you shall need to fulfil your Desires here, but feel free to add, subtract, change or alter anything you wish, for this has now become your Activation, Attunement and Fusion with Mother Father God!

If I can be of any further assistance, then please let me know. There is no particular time when any of this can be done, so look into it all and if you choose to go ahead, pick your own time and place and allow it to unfold with Ease and Grace to suit you!

In Love and Joy I Now step back and hand all this over to each of you!

In Love and Light and Joyous Blessings of the Heart – Peter

Below is a link to download the full PDF File of information to undertake this Fusion. There is also a link to download a Higher Resolution Image to download if you wish?


Please understand that this is a free presentation, however, if you feel that you would like to make a ‘Koha Blessing’ or Energy Exchange, your financial gift will go far in helping the Elemental Grace Alliance Project to continue to Expand Graciously and with Ease! We are in need of abundant financial resources to keep this Divine Plan expanding into many different areas now, apart from just the dissemination of the Word! You may make a donation here on the website on the ‘CONTACT’ Page. You will find the PayPal link (Credit Cards accepted) there. Or simply press the Pink Link Below. Bless You for your Loving Contribution! I Am / We Are One! You can also order The EGA Soft Cover Book here, if you would like a personal copy.

Contact Fusion of the Flower of Life Single Core Centre.pdf Flower Temple Of The High Heart.png ‘In Addition To the Flower Of Life Fusion, There Is The “Eye Of God” Attunement  That You May Like To Include Along With Your Individualized Sacred Sigils  and Key Note/KeyTone Codes’

These shall be used for the purpose of activating your Merkabah Capstone with that of the Capstone Of Jericho that now sits upon the Great Pyramid Of Giza!  This is for the Purpose of Direct Communication Through the Monadic Transmissions with Other Planetary, Galactic and Universal Beings as explained within the Keys Of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak! Melchizedek Outlines the importance of the Keys Of Enoch in His Discourse Part 3, regarding The new Adam Lilith Kadmon Race! There is however, one aspect of these Codes and Sacred Sigils that I must share with you. As these take me some time to calculate and create, I am being placed in a position of assistance via some financial remuneration as part of the Balancing of Energies within this sharing! I am therefore suggesting for £33.00 per person for the preparation of this Sacred Sigil and Codes preparation!  I would love to do it free for everyone, but under the present circumstances, The Elemental Grace Alliance Project, and I personally, need the physical means to make this happen, to take this to the next Levels of Group Consciousness. Your Gestures of good will for the moment will assist in this unfolding greatly!  Your request for your Sacred Sigil and Codes, can be forwarded to me via the EGA Website here on the ‘Contact Page’ or writing to me privately, entering the following details and making the contribution of Exchange of Energies.

 Your Full Name at Birth

 The Name you may wish to use as Part of your New Identity within the New Adam / Lilith Kadmon Race! ????

 Date, Time and Place of  Birth, (Town, State and Country)

Your Choice of  2 Sacred Mandalas ????  See Below

I wish to say, that if there is anyone who cannot afford to make such a Balance of Energies, or contribution toward it, that I will of course not leave you out. I shall provide these Sigils and Codes for you free of charge as my gift to you! No questions asked!  No-one shall be denied this opportunity, just as Divine Consciousness does not denied any human soul who is open to receive!

I would have liked to include One’s Seals of their Over Lighting Masters, Archangels and Other Beings of Light, as well as their Seals of Investment from Beloved Godmother Vesta of the Solar Sun, but these two specific Seals can only be obtained by each person themselves through their own I Am Presence!  So for now, unless you know the Masters that support you and you have taken your Divine Plan and Supporting Sponsor/s to Mother Vesta for Her Investment of Energies in you, then these will have to wait. This is all explained in detail in the Discourse by Beloved Vesta, Beginning on Page 721 of the The God Awakening Book! I would highly recommend this being read also before you accept any of this Fusion Activation Event/s!  It is all part of what you are now stepping toward! This is your Full Responsibility to Know what you are opening yourself up to!  This is what Beloved Godmother Vesta states;

“Before any New Idea, Plan, Project or Movement can begin, especially one that has the ability to affect millions, even billions of life streams, they must first come before Me, Vesta, so that I can determine the vibrational frequencies of his or her 4 lower bodies and Stream Their Higher Causal Bodies, to Read Their Entire Energetic Encodements and Akashic Records, Their Gifts, Talents and Virtues, and then to determine where their Soul is upon the Path of Evolution and what are the present States of Soul Fragmentation's, before I will Invest My Energy with Their Cause. So when a desire is created for such a task that may benefit mankind and life upon Mother Earth by a being, along with his or her Sponsor or Sponsors, they then have to travel through All 7 Spheres, looking to find other Causal/Monadic Beings Who Will Acknowledge the New Movement and give Their Agreements to Over Light, Serve and Support it. When sufficient Support is gathered, then that being and his or her Sponsor, are Obligated by Universal Law, to come before Me, to obtain My Permission and My Agreement to Invest My Energy in him or her and their Movement.

This is why I say it may be not quite time to include these Seals for you just yet!

The Activation Image you shall receive shall take on the appearance of this example provided below! In the middle there are 9 series of Numerical Codes, Your Sacred Sigil and that of the Capstone of Jericho. This shall be your Alignment to the Great Pyramid of Giza and It’s Capstone of Jericho along with it’s automatic re-alignments and re-calibrations from the Great Central Sun, through the associations with all Outer Star Systems, Galaxies and Universes.

You may also like to include in Your Capstone Activations any of the Sacred Mandalas within this Web Site that you are particularly drawn to. Just make a note of the Page and Name and let me know along with your other details!

“Based on what I understand about the Sigil and Codes so far (I need to take them into deep meditation and cannot wait to do so!), you have absolutely captured me and my Soul's Essence as I know and understand it!!! You have no idea, or obviously you do, how much accuracy is in them about me regarding things I have not told you...WOW!!! And, they reveal so much more…  again, AMAZING!!!  Everyone needs this to be done for them”!!!  Judith - Tennessee

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