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“We The Bees Speak of Our sorrows and heartaches, and wanted to take this opportunity to say that We too are working at this time at the very limits of our endurance, We are tired and We too need the help of humanity in every possible way they can! Please Help Us!”

“We The Bees Speak”!

It is my intention that within each Newsletter that I send out, to include some quotes by or about Our Bee Colleagues.  I do not believe that people in general know just how important these Divine Beings are to us as a human race! So I will be inviting them to share their Wisdom from time to time and eventually as time permits I will/we can, produce the Book I spoke of during the Discourses. ‘We The Bees Speak’!  Any Communiqués will be made available here on this page in due course.  If you have any Bee information, communications or anything that might assist in this cause please, feel free to send it to me.  Ultimately, I Intend to Create a Sanctuary, a Research Centre for the Bees and Their Honey so establish New Guidelines and Understanding regarding Their Healing and Biological Qualities for mankind. So much has yet to be discovered and Bees wish to tell us All They Know! So let’s Work on this together!

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