Introduced to EGA: March, 2017

Joined the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council:  May, 2017

My Location: Edmonton, Canada

Carewen was born in Nottingham, England, amidst a dysfunctional environment of drugs and abuse. By the age of 5 he was under a care order and spent most of his childhood in a children’s home. However, as an old soul, his first decades of this life were engineered to include many intense experiences to ensure the unfolding of his Life Lessons as a part of his fixed design.

After many years of working through life lessons he was drawn to the teachings of the Science of Mind in 2006. In 2009 he became a Licensed Practitioner, and by 2014 he was licensed as a Minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living. As well as having served as the Spiritual Director of the Centre for Spiritual Living, Saskatoon Canada, 2015-2017, he is the Chief Possibility Officer with a company called Genicoll. In this empowering role he guides organizations in realizing business evolution. He is also an Alumni Instructor and Teacher with the Government of Alberta's Board Development Program. With over 20 years as a business analyst, systems developer and management consultant experience under his belt, his story is yet more evidence that the EGA Divine Plan attracts Children of God from all walks of life.

Carewen’s passion is the pursuit of spirituality and he does that through active learning of the Truth of Existence, cultivating an expanding consciousness, composing piano music, singing with a wonderful choir, and writing. He is an articulate communicator, physically disciplined, environmentally sensitive and spiritually conscious. And most importantly, Carewen believes that serving the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan is the most important thing he could be doing with his life.

“I now have two rules that I live by.

Rule #1: Love everybody the same.

Rule #2: Forgive myself when I forget Rule #1.” - Carewen

‘Carmien “Carewen” Owen’

Cosmic Christ Consciousness

Cosmic Re-Birth

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