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Cosmic Consciousness

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Clarion Call Contact How Do You See Your Self Participating Within The Elemental Grace Alliance or The Narayana Joy  Radiation Centres or sanctuaries? The Clarion Call Has Sounded! How Will You Respond?

Jesus said within His Discourse, Protecting The Future;

“Let us begin with the first step, that of developing ‘good characters’. Now this may sound rather simplistic and a matter of common sense. Yet We say to you, yes one could think that this was understood. But the practical development of this straight forward task, this Innate Quality of all of God’s Children, requires far more discipline than one may imagine. The fact is that every human being has this quality programmed within their genetic DNA. There are millions of human beings who will, when the call is sent out, respond in goodwill, compassion, kindness, gentleness, care, consideration, forgiveness and loving intentions.

“Yet generally these offerings are only short lived and when the crisis is over, so are the deeds of goodness, of gifting the love, compassion, forgiveness and charity to another. In the task that We are outlining here, We are inviting that the Godly Characteristics within humanity be without limitation, without boundaries, not only when the times are tough, but indeed when the moment comes forth for no other reason but The Expression of Love Its Self. Many Clarion Calls are sent out to humanity for their contributions and active participation, but when the crunch arrives and specifics are asked for, their commitment is less than any effective potentialities”.

Archangel Michael said within His Discourse, Protecting The Future;

     “Those who have disconnected or disassociated themselves from the old human matrix and are now connected to the New Cosmic Heart of Mother Father God via the Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power; those who have or are about to give their lives for the Greater Good of All Concerned. It is here and now that I send out My Clarion Call to all who wish to fulfil their Life’s Purpose in a way that perhaps has yet not dawned upon them. Or perhaps it has but they have not known the direction to take or the vision that they need to focus upon until now. This Elemental Grace Alliance is a foundational stone and conceivably even an Encodement trigger, that will emanate this Call toward a deeper engagement to provide the Purity of God’s Love and Light through Your Service to Humanity, The Elementals and The Angelic Host.”

St Germain said within His Discourse, Narayana and Divine Grace;

“The Pledges you take will be to your own I Am Presence and no one else. Do not, please, I press upon you, go into those groups out of curiosity, wonder, speculation or even awe, unless you are absolutely willing to fulfil that requirement to which you have and must Declare your Intention by placing your Name in Covenant of the Calling. You may not understand yet what it means, or, the Action of the Law, when unfaithful to your Own Light. So I tell you this in advance Dear Ones. Your Heart has always been willing, and now your intellect may say, ‘Yes, I am willing to abide by this.’ But please, please remember, you will be acting under the Law of Your Great I Am Presence, the ‘All Seeing Eye of God’, Your Mighty I AM Presence, from which no single motive or act is hidden. Sometimes the Messengers have pleaded with the Beloved Disciples for so long, yet they will still go on doing the things that they know in their Hearts are a tragic mistake, regardless of what they believe is right in their hearts”.

This is your Elemental Grace Alliance and so if there is anything that you are Inspired or Guided to suggest, no matter how small or how Grand, I would Love to hear from you! For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am Christ Letters EGA Book 1 God Awakening EGA Book 2 Antahkarana Rule 1 Study Invitation Sacred Sigil Mandalas Melchizedek Joseph Benner The Seven Steps The Magdalenes New Children Adam and Lilith Christ Letters Antahkarana Rainbow Bridge Radiation Centres Christ Councils EGA Book 1 God Awakening EGA Resources Management Administration Council Home EGA Discourses About EGA Books/Store Free E-Book Bees & Blogs Contact SOEPC Council Rule 1 Study Invitation EGA Book 2 Antahkarana ENACA I Am Divine Economy Narayana Joy Christ Reshel Sanctuaries EGA Sun Reshel Headquarters Pennies From Heaven Mind Powers Introductoion Alchemy CLASS Boot Camp Alchemy Class IAMEGA GESARA Buddhic Columns