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Universal Intention

Universal Manifestation


You may make a direct bank transfer by again dropping me a line to this effect and I will send you the details.

Or if you can offer some other Service or Blessing, please write to me on this ‘Contact’ Form.

’I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Action of the Life in the Great Silence; and that Life in Its Glorious Cosmic Blessings and Perfection without limit, Now Divinely Manifests In, Through and All Around Me Now, to release All Life that I connect with on Every Level, through God’s Love, Wisdom and Power to Fulfil The Divine Plan.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Oneness, with the Miracle Life in the Great Silence! The Miracle Beauty of the Great Silence! The Miracle Healing Flame of the Great Silence! The Miracle Powers of Happiness and Freedom, from the Great Silence!

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Immortal, Miracle Action of My Oneness, with the Great Silence and the Great God Intelligent Beings that Over Light My Journey With God, for the Salvation of Humanity and this World.

 ‘I AM’ the Open Door of All Their Blessings to this World, and I Demand the Fulfilment of the Great Divine Plan, In Through and All Around Me Now.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Oneness, of Grace, Transfiguration, Forgiveness, Boundlessness and Rebirth to fulfil My Divine Plan with God.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Oneness of God’s Peace, God’s Grace and God’s Mercy.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Oneness of the Supreme Mind of God that Expresses Itself in Perfect Harmony, Grace and Compliance with the Laws of Universal Love in through and All around now!

Bless You Dear Hearts for your Loving Souls,

In Divine Service to Humanity


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