The Cosmic Christ Mandate

A Mandate For A Higher State Of Consciousness & Humanity’s Dominion Of Divine Sovereignty In God, Self Empowerment, Integrity and Honour, Where Cosmic Law Is the Way, The Truth and The Life For Human Rights and The Freedom For The People of All Nations, Races, Cultures, Religious Denominations and Beliefs.

This Cosmic Christ Mandate Is Not a Human Plan, It Is a Divine God Plan, now Anchored as a Seed of Christ Consciousness Ready to Be Nurtured and Brought to God Life Through the Whole of Humanity, to help them Raise Themselves Above All human miscreations and societal and global imbalances presently upon Earth.

 It is not governed by ANY human laws, rules or orders, while remembering One Principle of Cosmic Law, Thou Shall Not Do Harm in any way to Any Part of God Life!

It Is Self-Governing, by The People, Through The People, For the People; EQUALLY!

It Is Indestructible, Immutable, Undeniable, Inescapable, Incorruptible, Untouchable and Eternally Fixed by God Design for the Continued Higher Evolution of Humanity here upon Earth.

God Universal Consciousness, Has Proclaimed It In The Name of the Cosmic Christ!

The Great Invocation

From the Point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light Stream Forth into the minds of men and women

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the Point of Love within the Heart of God

Let Love Stream Forth into the hearts of men and women

May Christ Return to Earth.

From the Centre where the Will of God is Known

Let Purpose Guide the little wills of men and women

The Purpose which the Masters Know and Serve.

From the Centre which we call the race of men and women

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it Seal the door where iniquity dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth.

The Christ is within everyone!

This Cosmic Christ Mandate was Inaugurated 19th September 2022 11:11 am BST London UK

Be It Known!  That the Discourses herein this ‘The Cosmic Christ Mandate’ site, can be copied and pasted into any other Website, In ‘The Name of God and the Lord Jesus The Christ’.  These Works are available for the Whole of Humanity, free of any human copyright laws or any other human encumbrances In Accordance Under the Cosmic ‘Law of God Ownership’!  Humanity are the Custodians of these Petitions and Dispensation Grants For the Freedom of Humanity and Their God Given Rights to Become The Sovereign Beings That They Are!.  And It Is Done!

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Please assist the Elemental Grace Alliance to help others to be Free, and to continue to provide Higher Knowledge, Information and Services free of any charges or fees.  Any Loving donation, gratuities or sponsorships etc, would be Gratefully and Loving Appreciated.

Thank you for your Heart Felt consideration.

God Bless You!

The ‘’ is not a commercial site or business.  It is a Living Organism that will grow through the New Consciousness of Human Evolution over the coming months, years, decades and generations to come in Accordance with God’s Divine Will and Cosmic Law.

The Elemental Grace Alliance, in All Its Form, is a Divine Sovereign Entity as a Living Organism, that is totally unaffected by any human miscreations or laws, that do not Serve Humanity for the Greatest Good of All Concerned; that is, All of God Life through Divine Cosmic Law, here upon the Planet of Mother Gaia.

This Living Organism Is Divinely Protected Based upon the Law of Freedom and God’s Given Human Rights to Live a God Life to its full potential.

All information shared upon this Website is for Free Educational Purposes in Accordance with God’s Divine Will and the Laws of Freedom and Divine Human Rights to be Free In Accordance with Cosmic Law!

This Website has been Consecrated and Initiated through the ‘Will To Do’ and the ‘Will To Be’,

 The Good To Do and the Good To Be, and is Sanctioned by The Beloved Elohim Hercules and Eloah. Amazonia!

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Where the Elemental Grace Alliance Master Teachings Create A  State or Domain Of Sovereignty, Self Empowerment, Integrity, A place to come where Cosmic Law, Human Rights and Freedom For The People of All Nations Exist and are The New Governing Powers  for a New Human Race and Planetary System

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