‘The Elemental Grace Alliance - Abundance, Money and Service To God’s Divine Plan’

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Divining Money

Dear Souls,

We are now in a very powerful time of our Expanding Consciousness, and there is so much being offered within the Design and Patterning of this Elemental Grace Alliance, yet, I cannot help but feel how important it is for us to truly understand the importance of ABUNDANCE, and how it can influence us to evolve up the Ascension Ladder from here!

I do not wish to place too much emphasis upon money here on this introduction, for the next step, perhaps the final part of this first phase, so often referred to within the Discourses, is the formation of the Christ Councils.  It is within them, as Participants, Members, Disciples or whatever one wishes to name them, there will be no use for money.  The emphasis upon the Heterarchy, (a system of organization where the elements of the organization are unranked (non-hierarchical) or where they possess the potential to be ranked a number of different ways), Hierarchy (a system in which members of an organization or society are ranked according to relative status or authority) and Synergy (joint rule or government by two or more individuals or parties) shall be at different intensities in relationship to financial needs. But first things first and more about the Christ Councils later.

This Precipitation without the use of money is what will eventually come for us, the Goal if you wish, but we are not there yet, not really!  And so we need to look at this issue of money and how it continues to remain an illusory manifestation within our lives. Especially in the vast sums now required by the New World Servers who are ready stepping into their Intended Roles to Serve Humanity in a much more profound and dedicated way!

At this early stage, I am convinced that for us to truly make the commitments and give our dedications, to make new choices within our lives that will be for the Greatest Good of All Concerned, first we must be in a place where we no longer have to give ‘any’ of our attention to the survival of ourselves, our loved ones or our families.  We truly need to have the financial freedom, to be able to make such choices that will allow us to be free of normal everyday limitations and constrictions. To be able to facilitate our lives in such a way, then, we need financial abundance so as to create with it, within the comfort of our responsibilities to provide and nurture while enjoying the feelings of Joy and Happiness of such Freedom.

In one way it is a little deluding or hard to imagine, but on the other hand, we are not Human Beings for nothing and we, as Our God Given Birthright, shall not be denied anything we need to become Free Living Souls, so long, as all those Resources are used in God’s Service to Humanity through us!  But there is a catch, that very few have any knowledge about.  If you truly wish to become a New Disciple as described within the Maha Chohan Discourse of the Book, one must be free of personal desires on all levels, and that includes money and physical wealth. God (Alpha) says within the Discourses;

 “While all calls are My Calls, each with its separate appeal, yet each is but leading you on to a realization that all outer things that appeal, all calls of ambition, of riches, of leadership, of power, of human love, yea even of Spiritual attainment, are but the allurements of the separate self, that I use to build Me a strong character in you, with its power of concentration and ability to accomplish; an instrument I thus develop and prepare for use in the fulfilment of My Plan and Purpose. Then when all is ready, in order that there may be nothing to interfere with or hinder Me in such use, one by one I take from you all outer things that still allure, until there is nothing anymore left, nothing and no one you can look or turn to, but Me, — and you have learned to want and to know Me as the One and only thing of importance, and the Perfect Serving of Me becomes the sole concern and ambition of Your Life’.

He is also very clear when He details this;

“So with the potential of the New Disciples, who wish to enter the New Physical Radiation Centres, Without Total surrender to Me and My Design and My Plan for them, then such places of Service, that I wish to Manifest through Them, must therefore have a ‘Ring Passeth Not’ placed around Them, so that the Work that I Desire within It, can be fulfilled without discord, personal agendas, self will or self gain, or any amount of personality traits that will diminish the Resonances or Resources required to Create the Changes needed upon the Planet soon”.

It is therefore about Staging Posts, about having everything that you need to be comfortable, but nothing that is dependant upon it! It is about having all the Good and Godly things in one’s life, even money, but not being attached to it in any way, for attachment will only diminish that which God Desires of you!  This attachment is then a ‘Ring Passeth Not’, which you will never pass through while holding only these old thought patterns or beliefs of lack. Beloved Vesta says this:

“Through My Radiance you can ask of Me anything that you wish to make your life more pleasurable, more delightful, more Joyous; not in excess, but for the very subsistence of creating your life to that level where you truly understand the importance of Gratitude and Beauty, Living Your Life can bring. For in you, being happy, you will be able to bring happiness to others and so it is a snow ball effect. Know that nothing will be denied you, not gold or jewels, of any material goods or services. Did you know that Gold is the Love of Helios in your world. Your Ancestors worshiped Helios as their Sun God and used Gold to Adorn their Shrines and Temples and Altars. In the same way, the Precipitation of jewels and precious stones are the Essence of My Love and Light to the people of the Earth and through these My Rays, My Radiance interacts with the very Life, the very Substance and the very Energy and Abundance of Earthly offerings.

“The only problems that arise in having these beautiful things, is when man plunders these precious things for his own greed, and for anything but, for their personal and Impersonal, Gratitude, Appreciation, and Love of Life! Anything less than this is not in accordance with God’s Will, if you do, for yourself alone, such acts carry very heavy karmic consequences.

“So Dear Ones, money and gold and jewels and any other physical things are not bad, if they are used with the correct consciousness; not for pride or showing that you have more than another; not for keeping up with Jones’s; not for power or greed or manipulation to gain; but simply for the gratitude to yourselves for being a Conscious Child of God, Living The Life that God Desires for you!”

So, now that we have established the New Foundation for Divine Abundance, without the dehabilitating lower thought forms that we have tried to employ in the past, we can now activate our new choices in accordance with entering the Full Domain of Being in Absolute and Divine Service to Humanity, through God’s Divine Plan!

So Dear Hearts, there remains work to do upon our 4 lower bodies, before we can pass through all ‘Rings Passeth Not’ to attain such Abundant Forcefields of attainment! We can begin with Certain Decrees and Invocations.

To truly get a grasp on this, one must first find their Purpose in such Service With God, and this Elemental Grace Alliance Council Discourses will certainly help you to become more informed about the choices that await you!

God Bless You All, and if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting me!

But first let us pave the way for greater understanding through the information presented on the next Page called ‘DIVING MONEY’.  Follow the link provided below!

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