‘The Elemental Grace Alliance Divining To Manifest Money’ ‘You May Think This is about manifesting Money, But It Is Much More About Bridging Human  Consciousness With Divine Law and The I Am Presence Within!’

Universal Manifestation

Universal Happiness

The Elemental Grace Alliance is very cognisant, of not only the needs for money, resources and the abundance of all things, to develop, administer to and create its own Divine Plan, but also the needs of many thousands of other Dear Soul Groups of New World Servers, who need the same for themselves.  We are also aware, that to achieve our Goals, first, we must ‘give away’ all Knowledge and Services to others, by providing as much aid and help as we can, for the assistance to attain the Greatest Good Of All Concerned.  

The EGA ever the since July of last year has been Divinely Guided to come into contact with some of the most direct and meaningful, educational and useful information pertaining to the manifestation of money. Most of which goes way beyond what has been promoted and advertised as the Law of Attraction for money in recent years.

To this effect, before we can receive the vast sums of money and resources for the successful executions of our Divine Plans, either Our Own or those of Others, we must also help and assist all other Divine Plans with equal intention and due diligence.  So as part of “Our Giving Away First”, we wish to share with you a concentration of information that has the potential through rightful use with your own Groups and Organizations, that of the Truth and Understanding about manifesting money in the New Golden Age of World Servers to Humanity.

To achieve this one must first recognize that there must a concrete Bridge of Consciousness between the those of the New World Servers and the Higher Dimensional Worlds. It cannot be achieved if one operates solely from within the Realms of mankind and their outer minds.

Christ says within the Christ Letters,

“YOU and I, who am the Ascended Christ, formerly known as ‘Jesus’ when on earth, have BOTH come from the same SOURCE which I called the ‘FATHER’ because, after enlightenment, I realized that IT is the TRUE FATHER/MOTHER OF ALL CREATION. Human parents are only the vehicles of creation through which the SOURCE of BEING works.

Trust me, for I know beyond all doubt and tell you truly - Whilst your human parents may let you down, When you walk MY WAY - the CHRIST WAY, You will eventually find that the FATHER is an unfailing SOURCE of supply, healing, guidance, presenting of unexpected opportunities, inspiration and joy. No matter where you may be on earth, what trouble you may be in, what disgrace you are facing, what lack of money may be dogging you, right within you, around and above you, you have the SPIRITUAL MEANS on which to call with all your heart and mind - and the answer will surely come - IF YOU DO NOT DOUBT.

Many people will disagree with this statement and scoff. But it is also true that they have lived in a state of disbelief. Those who have chosen to walk, minute by minute, MY WAY - CHRIST’S WAY will agree with my words for they will have learnt how to meditate properly - quietening the mind, experiencing a little of the Stillness and Silence of the Void and the Universal Equilibrium - the very Source of Creation - and thereby drawing on the SOURCE of all Creativity and Perfection”.

“Bring me your uncluttered mind, a seeking mind, and I will fill it with true treasure, the treasure of highest knowledge which, as you absorb it, will lighten your daily load and lead you into ‘green pastures of brightest light’, signifying abundance, joy, rapture and fulfilment of every need. You will come to know how it feels to be abundantly blessed with all that exists beyond your present human comprehension. The experience of abundance and joy will reinforce the consciousness of abundance and joy. And so a spiritual spiral of ever more exalted and wondrous living will be set in motion.”

“When the TRUE nature of ‘Being’ is fully understood – humanity will move on to the next rung of spiritual evolution and will put into motion a new and blessed form of human endeavour and personal experience. To achieve these goals, humanity must first gain insight into: WHAT and WHO you are. The ‘Kingdom of God’ is within you and you enter the ‘Kingdom of God’ when you realise fully that the ‘Father’ is active at all times within you. It is a state of mind, of perception and understanding that the Reality behind and within all things visible, is the ‘Father’ and is beautiful and perfect and that all the things which are contrary to beauty, harmony, health, abundance are the creations of man’s wrong thinking.”

wealth.pdf MONEY.pdf brotherhood_-_the_call_to_service.pdf ‘Use Of Money within Spiritual Creations’

Excerpt On Money from Discipleship In The New Age Volume II - Djwhal Khul  

“This whole question of money is one of the greatest difficulties at this time and also one of the utmost simplistic. The difficulty is due to the wrong thought which, for generations, has been brought to bear upon the problem, leading to wrong attitudes, even among the most devoted disciples. The attitude of humanity to money has been coloured by greed, by grasping for the lower self, by jealousy, by material desire and by the heart-breaking need for it which—in its turn—is the result of these wrong attitudes.

“These wrong attitudes lead to the disastrous economic conditions which we find all around us. They are effects of causes which are initiated by man himself. In the re-generation of money and in the changing of man's attitudes to it, there will eventually come world release. The thoughts about money must change so that it will be regarded as a great spiritual asset, as a definite spiritual responsibility and as a means to real world work. The custodians of money will then shoulder their responsibility without fear and with due understanding. At present, they hold on to it through fear of the future and distrust of each other. The key to the right expenditure of money and to its correct use can be summed up in the following statement to which I would ask all of you to pay attention:

“As money has in the past ministered to personal and family need, so in the future it must minister to group and world need. Each unit has, in the past, attempted to act as a magnet and to attract to itself that which will meet what it regards as its need—using personal activity and labour, if of no influence or education, and financial manipulation where that was possible. Groups in the future must act as magnets; they must see to it that they are animated by a spirit of love. I give you a thought here which is capable of much expansion. Need, love and magnetic power are the three things which—consciously or unconsciously—attract money. But they must all manifest at once. The need in the past has not always been real, though it has been felt (such is the world glamour and illusion). The love has been selfish or unreal; the demand for things material has been for that which is not necessary to health or happiness. The magnetic force utilised has been, therefore, wrongly motivated and this process— carried forward over so long a time—has led to the present dire financial situation in the world.

To read the whole excerpt, click on the link below.....  Djwhal Khul Vol II

Excerpt On Money from Discipleship In The New Age Volume I - Djwhal Khul  

“It must be realised that money is the energy which can set in motion and make possible the activities of the New Group of World Servers—no matter what their colour, caste or church. Money does not yet lie in their hands. Their need for it is great. Millions are needed to spread the required knowledge of the hierarchical Plan; millions are needed to further the work of men of goodwill; millions are needed to educate the masses in the fact that He for Whom all men wait is on His way back to ordinary visibility.

“The billions which are spent at present on luxuries, on expensive and unnecessary objects of desire, the billions (and, my brother, it is billions, as world statistics show) which go towards the purchase of candy, liquor, tobacco, jewellery and expensive furs, the millions which go in the violent search for excitement and for ceaseless nightly pleasure and, finally, the billions which go the way of armed conflict in all nations must be deflected towards those expenditures which will make the plans of the Hierarchy possible, which will aid humanity in its search for the new, spiritual and free way, and which will therefore bring into being the new civilisation.

“Billions are required to overcome the materialism which has dominated mankind for untold aeons; billions are also needed to bring about the reconstruction of human affairs and thus purify and beautify our modern world to such an extent that the Christ can appear among men; through the wise expenditure of the financial resources of the world in the many fields of human betterment and uplift, the Christ will be enabled to "see of the travail of His soul and be satisfied."

To read the whole excerpt, click on the link below.....  Djwhal Khul Vol I

Below are a number of Documents containing relevant information that I am sure will help anyone to move forward with a greater understanding about Bridging the Human Consciousness from the human outer mind to the Divine Consciousness of the All That Is.  The World Money Decree and the Reflective Meditations Money  Documents will give examples of Invocations for the purpose of activating and calling forth the Assistance from the Higher Realms.

“Your Causal Body has been built from the day you first received conscious life. All through the ages which you have lived, your Causal Body has grown like a beautiful flame flower, an aureole of living colour. The services you have rendered, whether they have been patriotic, educational, philanthropic, artistic, scientific, or religious, have become your gifts to the Earth. This momentum of good awaits release through your vehicles as a Radiation of Light which can benefit the Earth and Her People.” - Mother Mary

In Love We Share, In Light We Give, In Life We Live.

‘Djwhal Khul Suggested Invocation and other Relevant Information’ Paper 42 THE SEVEN SPIRITS BEFORE THE THRONE.pdf Paper 35 THE KINGDOM.pdf Paper 44  PROVE ME NOW.pdf Paper 45 THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR.pdf Paper 47 IN HIS SERVICE.pdf Paper 55 SOUL FOOD.pdf Paper 61 LOVING GOD.pdf impersonal_life_benner.pdf the_teacher.pdf BROTHERHOOD Full Texts.pdf The Impersonal Life extension.pdf Money Discipleship In The New Age Volume II.pdf Prayer For The Release Money The World.pdf Money Discipleship In The New Age Volume I.pdf 9D Council Perspective on Money and Ascension    by  Devin.pdf Money Discipleship In The New Age Volume II.pdf GK 19 The Future Human Being.pdf GK 29 Leaping into the Void.pdf GK 32 Ancestral Reverence.pdf GK 45 Cosmic Communion.pdf GK 54 The Serpent Path.pdf Narayana Joy Godfather Helios.pdf Narayana Joy Godmother Vesta.pdf Narayana Joy Jesus and Mary.pdf Narayana Joy God Alpha.pdf Consciousness Energy.pdf

‘When a Message comes containing an opportunity for Real Service, and disclosing a Real Plan and a Real Work for the helping of your brothers and sisters; not some vague high sounding ideal, but a Definite Practical Work that your Soul recognizes, and your Heart leaps toward in glad response; know that such response is My Voice calling you to the Work I have been preparing you for, and you need not question or doubt, for your Soul commands you to respond. - God I Am Within You.

So If You Can Help In Any Way, Not Only Shall Your Assistance Be Returned Unto You 100 Fold, In Accordance With Universal Law,

All Life Will Ultimately Benefit And Beloved gaia Shall Become

The Heaven On Earth  We Have All Been Working Toward.  

We Are Forever Grateful To You, Our Brothers And Sisters

of The Light, For The Parts You Play  Within This

Evolutionary Divine Plan.

If The EGA can Help You In The Understanding for how To Use

Divine Laws To Receive The Abundance of All Things For Your

Own Divine Plan, Then We Have Fulfilled Another Part

of Our Service To Humanity Within This Plan.  

May God Bless You And Know That He/She

Shall Provide Abundantly For All!    Peter’

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