‘The Elemental Grace Alliance ‘Koha’  Blessings Page’

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Oneness of All the Wealth of Creation, All the Supply of the Great Silence, All the Abundance of All Resources, Health and Well Being, All Things that Love Gives from the Great Central Sun’s Light Radiance.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Oneness with the Life in the Physical Sun! I Give It My Love, and Love Gives Me All That It IS!

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Oneness, with Its Magnetic Powers, that Blesses All Substance with My Love Forever.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Oneness, with the Cosmic Light of Creation, that Intensifies Its Light In, Through and All Around My Inner and Outer Self, until Its Perfection Blesses All Love, Light and Life for Eternity.

‘I AM’ the Manifestation Instantly by My Love and the Fulfilment of My Every Call and the Manifestation of the Divine Plan Fulfilled for All, In Through and All Around Me Now.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Oneness, with the Healing Flame from the Great Silence, that goes forth at My Command and Blesses with the Immortal Purity for All I Direct It to.

’I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Action of the Life in the Great Silence; and that Life in Its Glorious Cosmic Blessings and Perfection without limit, Now Divinely Manifests In, Through and All Around Me Now, to Release All Life that I connect with on Every Level, through God’s Love, Wisdom and Power to Fulfil The Divine Plan.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Oneness, with the Miracle Life in the Great Silence! The Miracle Beauty of the Great Silence! The Miracle Healing Flame of the Great Silence! The Miracle Powers of Happiness and Freedom, from the Great Silence!

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Immortal, Miracle Action of My Oneness, with the Great Silence and the Great God Intelligent Beings that Over Light My Journey With God, for the Salvation of Humanity and this World.

 ‘I AM’ the Open Door of All Their Blessings to this World, and I Demand the Fulfilment of the Great Divine Plan, In Through and All Around Me Now.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Oneness, with the God of Creation, the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ in the Great Central Sun, and that Oneness, is everywhere Mastered In, Through and Around Me for Eternity.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Oneness, of Grace, Transfiguration, Forgiveness, Boundlessness and Rebirth to fulfil My Divine Plan with God.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Oneness of the Unfailing Life Expressed As God Through Me.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Oneness of Your Peace, Your Grace and Your Mercy.

‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Miracle Oneness of the Supreme Mind of God that Expresses Itself in Perfect Harmony, Grace and Compliance with the Laws of Universal Love.

In Divine Heart Blessings we Share Love, Light and Life!

In Service To Humanity - Peter

This Project, like so many other Benevolent Foundations, needs the Gracious and Generous help and assistance financially, from those who have it within their Hearts to contribute, and whom Resonate with the same Guiding Principles that they themselves wish to live by.

What are the Guiding Principles of The Elemental Grace Alliance?

•  To Align Oneself to Divine Will and the Highest Good of All Concerned. 

•  To be Motivated and Committed to the Mission or Life Task of Co-Creating a New Erthe Paradigm through Unity Consciousness.

•  To Focus on Selfless Divine Service as Our Highest Priority.

•  To Move, Individually and as a Group, in Absolute Integrity, Impeccability, Self-Mastery and Alignment to Divine Principles and Universal Law.

•  To Serve in Heart-Centred Divine Unity Consciousness and Embrace Every Person and Situation in Authentic  Love, Understanding, Harmony and Compassion.

•  To Consistently Monitor the Quality, Accuracy, Appropriateness, Clarity and Perception of Our Highest Divine Guidance to Insure the Highest Alignment to the Unified Mission or Life Task Through Divine Will.

•  To Detach Our Selves from the illusion of this duality, Holding a Place of Compassion, Grace, Neutrality and Knowingness that We Are One with All Life and the Forms that They Take.

•  To take the Highest Responsibility for Our Own Individual Advancement into Self-Mastery through Personal Contemplation and Resultant Transformation.

•  To Humbly Forgive Ourselves and Others for any mis-judgments we thought we have made or perceptions that we have been hurt by another.

•  To Have Unwavering Courage to Face our own fears while Honouring them, Loving them and then Releasing them to Their Higher Energetic Vibrational Frequencies. 

•  To See Only Divine Perfection in Each Person, Experience and Manifestation.

•  To Move Forward in Unwavering Trust and Faith that We Are Totally and Completely Supported in All Aspects and Levels of Our Life’s Experiences.

•  As Ambassadors of Light, to Consistently Activate, Harmonize and Empower the Inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Qualities and Virtues Equally and in Divine Balance.

•  To Embody the Multidimensional Glory of Our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Manifestation and Self Realize the illusion of this Earth's Physical Duality and Its State of Impermanence is Temporary.

•  To Honour Our Higher Mind, Our I Am Presence as Connected to the One Heart of Creation and Unified Consciousness Field of Infinite Potentialities. 

•  As Ambassadors of Light, to Embody Our Highest Human Potential by Helping Others do the Same.

There is a word in the Maori Language, ‘Koha’; which means ‘Energy Exchange of the Heart’. It can take many forms, and money is just one of them. This Plan of God shall need not only financial funds but even more so your help in procuring others help to maintain and expand its Divine Design, so as to assist and engage other Loving Hearts to find their way back to that which is most important in their lives; Their I Am Presence.

The uses for such ‘Koha’ Blessings or a Love Gift or Donation will be, but not limited to:-

I Know what you are thinking having read all these! But these are what are needed more than ever before and if we don’t start now upon the correct ‘Foundation Stones, the Rock upon that which the Church is Built’, then the delays in Our Evolution can only continue.  And you have to remember that this is not only a human endeavour, it is God’s Desire, and that means we have the Whole Cosmos behind us now! Indeed standing beside us to Honour and Guide and Direct and when one is in alignment to this degree, Miracles happen! How does one raise £150,000,000.00 to get this Plan on its feet? The answer is easy! With your Divine Help, Dedication and Commitment to this Divine Plan! The more people Living this Divine Plan NOW, the better! Will you join us?

If anyone feels within their Heart, the call to bestow a‘Koha’ Blessing or Divine Love Gift or Donation toward the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan or its New Partnering Narayana Akasha Christ Reshel Radiating Centres Plan (explained within the last Series of Discourses), I will be very Grateful for your generosity in receiving such a gift on behalf of the whole of humanity. Your physical assistance and or financial Blessings will all go towards keeping this Divine Plan operational and Ever Expanding for the Greatest Good of All Concerned!

I’d Love To Share This example of a Koha Blessing!

Recently a friend on Facebook published this post.  

"A couple of days ago I was standing in line at the bank. A young girl (college age) was behind me with a Mason jar 1/3 filled with coins. I commented to her that she was supposed to wait until it was completely filled before cashing it in. She said that she didn't have any money in her account and that she had to cash it in now (it probably totalled $5.00). I remembered being a poor college student myself 30 years ago at BYU. So, when I got to the teller, I told her to withdraw $50 from my account and when the girl came up for her transaction, to see to it that my $50 was deposited into her account with her coins. The teller asked me, "Why? Do you know her?". I replied that I did not but that it seemed to me she needed the money more than I did and I was just "Paying It Forward". The teller told me that was one of the nicest things she had ever seen. I left feeling good. And, I secretly asked my Heavenly Father to bless both the young lady and myself because I have bills too.

Tonight, at the end of my work week, my last customer was the answer to my silent prayer. Their dinner check was only $49 but they tipped me $50...the same amount that I had given to the young lady earlier this week! They tipped me not the usual 18% - 20% but a full 100%! Someone "paid it forward" back to me! Karma! I felt blessed! Remember, "Paying it forward" it will come back to you! Everyone have an awesome week ahead!"

If you would like to see more stories like this visit;


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If you find the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan, information and free downloads on this website of value and would like to help support The Prime Creation in spreading this God Plan around the World, then please consider making a donation. It is Our Goal through the Company of Heaven and Humanity to construct a minimum of 12 Narayana Joy Akasha Christ Reshel Radiation Centres/Temples upon Earth, and that ‘will’ require huge benevolent contributions of Money and Energy.

No donation is ever too small and all contributions, gifts, bequeaths, grants or donations, shall be gratefully accepted and deeply appreciated in The Love for Humanity. It will go toward the costs to turn this United Vision into a Life Giving Reality. This is YOUR Divine Plan also, if you would like to join us!

God Bless You in Your Giving and Receiving!

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