‘The  EGA  Lighthouse  E-Group’

Blessings Dear Souls,

This E-Group is a closed forum where those who have read or are reading the Elemental Grace Alliance Discourses and would like to share their experiences, who have any questions or comments or suggestions.  What the Discourses are asking, is for individuals to begin to come together in a Unified Group Consciousness and for us this is a good way to start.  

If those wishing to align to this Divine Design, cannot or do not wish to partake openly and with truth in their hearts within a group setting, then this project is really not for them. The Discourses, toward the end of the book are very explicit as to what is going to be required by those who wish to become dedicated and fully committed Christ Disciples who will participate within the Radiation Centres around the world at these New Levels of Consciousness.

The steps we have to take are about integration and recalibration of our Energetic Vibrational Rates, and who better to assist in these processes, but those upon the same path! Perhaps it is still too early to come together personally, so this format shall be the best potential for now.

This site is a safe haven where people can Let Go and Let God while fully protected and held in Love by their fellow Brothers and Sisters. Here we can Reunite with Our I Am Presence and then allow the outflow of the Radiance and Light generated from within to flow around the world, cleansing, clearing, regenerating, rejuvenating and re-calibrating as it goes!

St Germain bears His Soul to us about such New Groups. He says within His Discourse on page 660 of the E-Book;-

“Oh, I plead with you, Beloved Children of the Light who have been in this Light for sufficient years and Who have awakened as Way Showers: never allow your human self or anyone else to cause you to question for one second your ability to build your Temples or to make your Ascension, even in this embodiment. I tell you again that age as you know it, has nothing whatever to do with it. The Expansion of the Light within you has everything to do with it, and the human self knows nothing about that.

“The Pledges you take will be to your own I Am Presence and no one else. Do not, please, I press upon you, go into those groups out of curiosity, wonder, speculation or even awe, unless you are absolutely willing to fulfil that requirement to which you have and must Declare your Intention by placing your Name in Covenant of the Calling. You may not understand yet what it means, or, the Action of the Law, when unfaithful to your Own Light. So I tell you this in advance Dear Ones. Your Heart has always been willing, and now your intellect may say, ‘Yes, I am willing to abide by this.’ But please, please remember, you will be acting under the Law of Your Great I Am Presence, the ‘All Seeing Eye of God’, Your Mighty I AM Presence, from which no single motive or act is hidden. Sometimes the Messengers have pleaded with the Beloved Disciples for so long, yet they will still go on doing the things that they know in their Hearts are a tragic mistake, regardless of what they believe is right in their hearts.

“They think that no one knows it. We cannot help knowing what is within your motive, what is within your World. For it is imprinted on the atmosphere about you, because every thought, feeling, and motive is a record which We have to read. Not that We seek to do it, but if We are going to help you, We must read it. Will you not feel now in this moment, and hold it forever, that the ‘All Seeing Eye of God’, which your Higher Mental Body uses, knows every single thing that occurs in your Life, every feeling and motive that is there? Do not try to deceive your Presence!

“I am speaking with all the Love of My Heart, for I want to help you. I want you to see, if you will, the mistake of just humanly entering into a thing without a Pure, Honest motive behind it. Remember, in your Heart Centre, as well as in the Heart Centre of the other Beings who may Serve the ‘Attractor Field’ or Teachers of God, must come Purity, Loyalty, and Faithfulness, if you are to go forward in the Light! Deception is an unpardonable karmic generator, anywhere in the World, and so much more in magnification with anyone who has the Knowledge and indeed is already working with their Mighty I AM Presence”.

As this is a closed group, the only way you can join is by requesting a membership. So if you wish to become a member of The Elemental Grace Alliance Lighthouse E-Group, please send us a request in the ‘CONTACT’ Form and I will send you an invitation.

In Love Light and Life




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