‘Elemental Grace Alliance  Cosmic Host Merkabah Force Field’

Elemental Grace Alliance Council Cosmic Host Merkabah Force Field

Universal Communication

Universal Intention

Merkabah Registration

To become a part of this Elemental Grace Alliance Group Merkabah Forcefield, you are herewith being asked to fill in and register your details with us so that we can Create a World Wide Map of New Disciples, Places and Desires that shall make up the many Divine Facets of the Elemental Grace Alliance, The Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries and the New Temples of Light - Healing and Radiation Centres! This Registration will help us all to pass through the next Group ‘Rings Passeth Not’ of Human Consciousness, so as to partake within the Christ Councils soon to come into Being and Associated Directly with this Particular Divine Plan! The Registration is nothing more than to give us the information and details of those who wish to align themselves with this particular Plan. It is not the only way, and your free will choice shall always be honoured! But there is still much to be mindful of in making one’s choices as to what perception of the illusions or Truth one ascribes themselves to!

For Further information follow the link ‘Register’ below and it will take you to the

next step in Our Journey Together as One Unified Forcefield of Consciousness!

St Germain bears His Soul to us about such New Groups. He says within His Discourse on page 660 of the E-Book;-

“Oh, I plead with you, Beloved Children of the Light who have been in this Light for sufficient years and Who have awakened as Way Showers: never allow your human self or anyone else to cause you to question for one second your ability to build your Temples or to make your Ascension, even in this embodiment. I tell you again that age as you know it, has nothing whatever to do with it. The Expansion of the Light within you has everything to do with it, and the human self knows nothing about that.

“The Pledges you take will be to your own I Am Presence and no one else. Do not, please, I press upon you, go into those groups out of curiosity, wonder, speculation or even awe, unless you are absolutely willing to fulfil that requirement to which you have and must Declare your Intention by placing your Name in Covenant of the Calling. You may not understand yet what it means, or, the Action of the Law, when unfaithful to your Own Light. So I tell you this in advance Dear Ones. Your Heart has always been willing, and now your intellect may say, ‘Yes, I am willing to abide by this.’ But please, please remember, you will be acting under the Law of Your Great I Am Presence, the ‘All Seeing Eye of God’, Your Mighty I AM Presence, from which no single motive or act is hidden. Sometimes the Messengers have pleaded with the Beloved Disciples for so long, yet they will still go on doing the things that they know in their Hearts are a tragic mistake, regardless of what they believe is right in their Hearts.

“They think that no one knows it. We cannot help knowing what is within your motive, what is within your World. For it is imprinted on the atmosphere about you, because every thought, feeling, and motive is a record which We have to read. Not that We seek to do it, but if We are going to help you, We must read it. Will you not feel now in this moment, and hold it forever, that the ‘All Seeing Eye of God’, which your Higher Mental Body uses, knows every single thing that occurs in your Life, every feeling and motive that is there? Do not try to deceive your Presence!

“I am speaking with all the Love of My Heart, for I want to help you. I want you to see, if you will, the mistake of just humanly entering into a thing without a Pure, Honest motive behind it. Remember, in your Heart Centre, as well as in the Heart Centre of the other Beings who may Serve the ‘Attractor Field’ or Teachers of God, must come Purity, Loyalty, and Faithfulness, if you are to go forward in the Light! Deception is an unpardonable karmic generator, anywhere in the World, and so much more in magnification with anyone who has the Knowledge and indeed is already working with their Mighty I AM Presence”.

So this Activation is one that shall indeed bring each Dear Soul closer to The Christ Consciousness Within!  And in doing so, will assist in many, many ways, to Amplify and Magnify the Divine Focus to within every person wishing to Service Humanity through this God Plan. It will offer Guidance and Direction to find their Sponsors and o take Their Soul Mission to Beloved Godmother Vesta for Her Investment!  This is not the activation yet, but the prelude to it, offering information for those wishing to make a well informed decision with Their I Am Presence!

‘Covenant to be a Part of the EGA!’

It’s Purpose is to Align Each Individualized Expression of God, Each Person as a Human Soul, Who Wishes to Align Themselves with the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan and The Narayana  Joy Sanctuaries, Radiation Centres and Temples of Light, To Be Made Manifest around The Globe.’

This Is All Part of The Progressive Process Of Unifying The Christ Consciousness Within, As One Body, One Mind, One Consciousness! This is a Platform from which we can Evolve Into The Christ Councils and Temples of Light. We simply cannot continue to remain separate in Our Endeavours To Reach Our Group Ascension any more! Intent and Desires Alone, are Not Enough!’

The Call for Like Minded Souls to begin Gathering as One Soul Group within a Whole Human Race is no easy task, and this by no means will be faced with many human challenges. In saying this however, I Know that the Elemental Grace Alliance has been God Designed and Implemented in Accordance with Universal Law. I Know we have the Support of Every Hierarch, Chohan, God and Goddess, every Elohim and Eloah, Director, Master, Angel and Archangel. I Know that We have the Approvals of the Entire Karmic Board of Directors to make this happen! I Know That Beloved Godmother Vesta has invested Her Energies in Me and is awaiting many, many more Souls to come before Her to do the same!  In saying all this, one would think that is should be made Manifest instantaneously. And it could indeed!

But what we are lacking in the Plan thus far, even as of today, are the Divine Individualized Expressions of God as Human Souls upon the ground who are not yet fully aligned with their own I Am Presences’!  Those who do not yet know who their Master Sponsors are and have not yet taken their Soul Purpose to Beloved Vesta to receive Her Investment!  How many even know that this is all Universal Law and must be achieved before full embodiment of the Christ Consciousness can take place?

Those who are now feeling the Guidance from their I Am Presence toward the Elemental Grace Alliance must be asking themselves why this is so?  And the Answer must come from within each Dear Soul! I Know that without human Souls starting to move into positions of Self Empowerment and the Declarations of Their Personalized Sovereignty with Their I Am Presence, we are still in lack of the potencies needed very, very soon to fulfil the Mighty Victory of the Proposals contained within this Plan!

This Activation of the Cosmic Group Merkabah is yet another opportunity in Accordance to Universal Law to enhance and focus the Energies of Divine Consciousness into our human lives!  But in saying this Beloved St Germain has a very clear admonishment to anybody choosing to step forward now, unless they are indeed fully aware of all consequences according to Divine Truth!

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