‘The Elemental Grace Alliance “Heal Your Life” Activation’



Heal Your Life Contact For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am


Beloved God I Am, I send out a Divine Searchlight for an introduction to the New Web Site Page dedicated to The Self Initiation of Healing.  May The Energy of Love come forward to address this introduction, please.

“I come to be with you this day Dear Soul. I Am Kuan Yin. I would be delighted to offer you my thoughts and feelings to this Divinely Inspired Love in Action.

“The Spring Equinox of 2017 was a Spiritual Marker in the history of humanity, regarding many things related to human consciousness and its constructive use to Precipitate (manifest) Heaven on Earth.  The consciousness of mankind has now truly entered, and been grounded into the 7th Golden Age of Transmutation, Transfiguration and Transformation.  This is the Golden Age of Ceremony and the Transcendence into Ascension through the Activation of the God I Am Presence within All those whom are ready to live and New Life upon Earth.

“This is a time, so new and so long awaited, whereby Higher Dimensional Vibrational Truths shall move humanity toward many New Realms of Belief and Understanding through Higher Awareness and Knowledge.  It is a time that each human being, has a new opportunity to extend and expand themselves, of their own accord and Self Realization, beyond the physical realms of third dimensional living. Your human realities Dear Souls are not what they appear to be, and it is time you opened your Hearts and Minds to this Divine Truth.

“What I wish to speak of here today is the healing of all physical related beliefs, experiences and imbalances. Whether they are physically related, emotionally or mentally based. It matters not the extent or magnification of such imbalances, in body, relationships, in home, work, community or country.  It is not limited to time or space, and it is related to permanent Causal Healings and making Whole again, rather than temporal relief of pain and dis-easement, unsettlement and chaos.

“Today I speak to you about the capacity and the will to govern your own destiny as a New Conscious Human Being, experiencing your Own Individualized Expression of God, through Your I Am Presence into this world of Human Evolution.

“It is about, not just the desire or the belief that it is possible, but the Knowing that you can, without doubt or question that you can. Through Divine Intent, Invocation and Decree, you can now consciously dissolve any cause within yourself that has been behind all of the unpleasant experiences in which you have found yourself, up until now!

“When the New Dynamics of Self Realized Power of the Divine Presence has risen within you, and your heart responds in Joy and an Inner stirring towards this God Reality, you will find, that through your Innate Intelligence (Your I Am Presence Within), you can indeed create new centres of thought and feelings which will manifest in, through and all around your body as immortal youth, inexhaustible strength and vigour, and a mind at peace, through understanding, enlightenment and Compassion; Love In Action; through self first, and then all else will follow.

“The old human thought forms around healing sickness and the imbalances of life, and all those facets of human beliefs related to healing, are both fading away and no longer recognized as a power to heal within a third dimensional reality. Humanity has arrived, or at least those within the awareness of the Christ Consciousness, is standing in front of a New Divine Ring of Consciousness Passeth Not! This ‘Ring’ cannot be entered into without full commitment and dedication, not just to self, but to the whole of humanity as one Divine Being! All negativity, whether illness, dis-ease, control, manipulation, greed and all the other myriad negativities, wherein man or woman has relied upon a consciousness outside of themselves, to alleviate such things, is very rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  These New ‘Rings of Awareness’ will soon once begun to pass through, will approach in an unbelievable, unprecedented way, never before experienced here on Earth. The question arises; do you wish to remain the human being that you thought you were, or to become the Divine Human Angel that You Are?

“The discovery of the Powers that are within each Life Stream, form a Forcefield of Spiritual Exploration open to the pioneer thinkers and leaders of this Human Experience. Mankind, grasping their own destiny, must acknowledge, the cause of their own present distress, and then, no longer placing the responsibility of such things causing their unhappiness outside of themselves.

You are, in the Light of this potentiality being Divinely Invited, in this now moment, to enter this New Era of Self Conscious Mastery of your own Life Energy.  To remember and learn beyond your present states of awareness, how to set your own House and Body Temples in Order, through the Divine Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Faculties and Powers that are quiescent within your own Life, here and now upon this Earth. As a New Disciple of The Christ Consciousness, whether you are just opening to this potential or have been travelling this Path for a while, there are the practices to experience now, that will bring Higher States of Love and Light in your Lives. This can only be achieved through Divine Love, Compassion, Joy, Love in Action, Benevolent Acts of Kindness, Generosity, Gratitude, Gentleness, Harmlessness and many more Divine Qualities and Virtues.

“Christ Jesus is the Greatest Exemplar of the Power of Instantaneous Healing that the Western world has known. He has said, “the things that I have done, ye shall do also, and even greater things shall ye do.”  This was His Promise to all your challenges.

“I tell you Dear Souls, it is not enough to have a few Elect, Endowed and Bestowed with the capacities of mitigating the evils in the lives of the masses. Each man, woman and indeed child, in this world of today and tomorrow, must become the Healing Presence within themselves first! This Healing within the New 7th Golden Age has arrived, and through the up and out reaching people of this Divine Time here upon Earth shall Live toward firstly an explanation as to the causes for all distress., and secondly to Heal them all at the Causal Levels within all 4 of the lower vibrational bodies of mankind.

“Music, colour, vibrations of light, are all mediums of Healing, natural conductors of vitalizing and energizing Life Force. The Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms, the Seraphic Hosts, millions of the Masters of Light and Their Legions of Disciples and Angels, will join with mankind in helping to free the whole of the Human Race from all the distressing conditions under which it functions today.  But it must begin with You Dear Soul! You must be the conscious initiator and activator of your own needs, requirements, wishes and desires.

“I say to you now, In Love and Joy, that this Elemental Grace Alliance is indeed a Divine Foundational Platform with the Host of Heaven fully Backing, Supporting and Guiding now, through all 7 Spheres of God Realms here in this System of Worlds.

“I Kuan Shi Yin, Goddess of Compassion, with All My Love for Humanity, offer My Services to you the reader, to you the one who listens with your Heart wide Open to Receive Me. Love, Compassion and Joy will Pave your Way with Rose Pink Petals. Soft enough to walk upon in bare feet, deep enough to lay and sleep upon in Divine Comfort when needed.  

“Call upon Me, My Dear Heart, and you shall be awarded all you need to become fully conscious of your Role and Purpose, here on Earth in this New Era of Love and Light!

“Are you ready to take a leap of faith, to jump beyond the old chasms of consciousness?

“I Believe You Are, else you would not have been Guided here by your I Am Presence!

“And So It Is

As Above, So Below.

As Without, So Within.

“I Am Kuan Shi Yin of the Mother’s Love, Forever by your side!”

‘ Your Leap Of Faith’

Dear Soul,

If you can accept the Truth of what Beloved Kuan Yin shares above, then you are now being offered an opportunity to begin the very healing that is being spoken of, that will begin the transmutation, transformation and transfiguration into a new way of Being.

Should you wish to take this Leap of Faith and place your present life into the Hands of your Own I Am Presence and the God within, simply click on the image below or button and follow the Guidance presented for the Highest Good of All Concerned.

This is your Journey In Love and Light with Infinite Blessings.

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