‘The Elemental Grace Alliance For Whom The Heart Quickens’

Dear Souls and Beloved Family of Light,

“The Human Angel Circles can now accomplish great steps forward to achieve the foci of human yearning and endeavour, bringing God’s Love and God’s Truth to the surface realms of human thought and belief. The Christ Consciousness now has a centre of focus, activation and stabilization that has successfully bridged the chasm, between the Higher and lower realms; as above, so below, and as below, so above.

“The pulsing radiance of you all, is a Joy to behold, by All of Us in the Higher Vibrations. There are Prime Processes within the Universal Laws of Creation, All large and small scale Evolutionary Developments begin at a single point of focus, (a thought, word or idea), that expands rapidly outward, to self replicate, and thus achieve radical changes and developments.

“Bringing together two or more human beings, co-creates an energetic of possibility which will indeed, lead to the unexpected and successful change in the fabrics of your realities. Such a development would not have been conceivable, let alone achievable, without all the wonderful Love Light Energy being anchored now, by so many Star Light Seeds.  Beloved Children of God, dare to look outside of what was and dream of that which you desire to be; then go and live it!”

“These Christ Councils will be imperative for the search of Unconditional solutions and resolutions to all problems relating human interaction with each other and Earth.

“To achieve any solution to any problem, first you must Let Go and Let God! No personality can be included in the seeking of Truth, no ego or any thoughts that support self gain or self aggrandizement, can be present during such discourses.  Intentions must be the Purest of Heart and ONLY for THE GREATEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED, in Grace, Harmony, Balance and  Unconditional Love. It is this simple fact that will guarantee success of the objective!” I Am Shekinah of The High Councils of Elohim.

To All who may find these words placed before them, know that this information has found its way to you in accordance with the Law of Attraction and Synchronicity, to provide further awareness toward your Divine Higher Alignment and Purpose. God Desires you to Know and Feel something more deeply profound about and within yourself, so you may further travel with a Lighter and More Peaceful Heart along this, your Beloved Conscious Spiritual Journey of Light, Love and Life to activate your Eternal Freedom.

This sharing is just a stepping stone to the potentials of new awareness now available to humanity; not only to Work and Co-create in Harmony with the Elohim, Angels, Devas, Elemental and Nature Kingdoms, but also to truly understand what it is like to live within the Presence of The Universal Christ Consciousness, while still managing and providing for the everyday necessities of maintaining the balance of one’s family and life requirements!

If your heart is quickened by these words, may this sharing of my own personal experiences, assist and contribute in some productive and creative way to yours. There is something here that God Desire’s for you to Know.  I Pray That this Is So and Trust that God’s Desire for you will unfold Gracefully, Harmoniously and in the most Miraculous of Ways, as it does for me, now constantly!

We are being given everything we need to change the Matrices of Human thought forms for a Brand New Experience upon Earth!

Would you like to join us to create a New Erthe that We wish to Live within?

In Love We Share, In Light We Give and In Life We Live!

God Bless You


Divine Wisdom

Universal Vision

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