Introduced to EGA: September, 2016

Joined the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council: December, 2016

My Location: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

I was introduced to the Elemental Grace Alliance by dear brother Paul, and when I read about Peter’s vision for the Christ Councils and the Narayana Joy Akasha Sanctuaries, I felt an instant resonance within, and so I joined the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council and work with its members to realize the plans as laid out to us by the ascended beings that are helping all of humanity to remember our true selves.

My own path has been varied and colorful, including a conscious stepping away from Spirit after years of trying to walk two paths at once, in my early 20s. Spirit never fully left, of course, and I now know that I was directed all along. I went back to studies in my 30s to become a psychotherapist, as I finally felt ready to take the step that I had always known would eventually occur. I had a STRONG nudge from Spirit that I could no longer deny and I have found great joy and satisfaction in this career, which also led me back to Spirit, little by little, as I was stepping back into following my guidance consciously.

Fast-forward to Now, which is the most interesting moment to talk about, isn’t it. I have had much help in reconnecting to and re-membering who I am, and I stand more strongly in my path than ever before in this timeline. I am connecting to various soul aspects, integrating the pieces into a unified whole. I also stand with my brothers and sisters of the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council as we share a common vision of full reconnection to our Divine Selves.

All Is Love

‘Natanya “A’lura  Joy” Weininger’

Universal Communication

Divine Love

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