‘About Peter’

Founded the EGA: January, 2011

Planning took 4 years of Guidance and Direction to Formulate and Begin

Began 13 months of Discourses with the High Councils in January 2015

The Elemental Grace Alliance Book – A God Awakening  Published February, 2016

Inaugurated the Sun Of Even Pressure Council Idea: October 2014

Co-Created the Present Disciple Council formed October, 2016

My Location: Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Born in Sydney Australia 1954, Peter Alan Stacey. Changed my name to Peter Melchizedek by D-Poll after some major life transformations in September, 2007.  A carpenter/joiner by trade, becoming a professional builder by age 20.  Moved to Spain in 1982 following a new relationship and career in the music, entertainment, leisure and building industries.  But all this was only for the purpose of financing and providing avenues for my own spiritual endeavours.  Returned to Australia in 1998. I began the search for my Self consciously at the age of around 20 years old, but had a life changing experience in my cot at the age of 27 months old, being told my Life’s Mission by a Presence of all I can say now was a Light Radiance in my room. In October of 2000, my Real Spiritual Journey began, when I started travelling the world on quests to follow Spirit’s Guidance and Direction to the Work I came to do.

Today, I call myself a Conscious Evolutionary Guide.  I Am a Member of the Christ Councils of Lights, a Priest, Ambassador and Disciple of the Order of Melchizedek. My studies and experiences over the last 40 plus years have included multiple areas of Spirituality, Hierarchy, Metaphysics, Ontology, Quantum Physics, The New Children, Alternative Modalities of Healing and one of my greatest Joys is working with Crystals and Earth Ley Line Energies.  In January of 2011, I was given an idea by God/My I Am Presence, to Create what has now become known as, the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan.

My Work with the Christ Councils and the Elohim are through Universal Love and Light Vibrations, that assist people in shifting their consciousness from lower thought forms to Higher Ones. I use the tools of the physical world, and the logical ego personality mind to resonate Truth within the Hearts of those who have given themselves permission to be healed and accept Their Own I Am Presence.  I take complex dynamics and quantum ideas, reducing them to simple, logical and understandable parameters that is humanly possible, for others to follow and align to, should that be their choice.

My Principle Interest in Galactic Human Affairs, The New Children upon Earth, Ontology, The Elemental Kingdoms and the diversification of my Awareness and Knowledge of Universal Energies and their Laws and Principles, provides many opportunities, not only for myself but for anyone who may see a similar opportunity within themselves.

The Elemental Grace Alliance is not for everyone, but there may be within it, something for everyone!

Divine Faith

Universal Truth

I also have written many Parables and other life stories based around my own experiences.  If you are interested in reading any of them, I place a few links below. Even the Parables Are based on real people that I have met or worked with over the years. Story of 700lb Earth Star Keeper Crystal.pdf Parable of Thomas and the Pebble.pdf Lumina - The Messenger and the Messages.pdf Linda and the Frozen Shoulder of Grace.pdf Lifting of the White Blanket.pdf Elesa and her left foot.pdf My River Journey.pdf Parable of The Eagle and Eagle's Feather.pdf ‘Founder, Author, Co-Creator, Administrator,  Guardian, Custodian Of the Elemental Grace Alliance’

The Elemental Grace Alliance all really began once I discovered the right question or idea to follow, this took nearly 4 years to refine.

“To change or rewrite the Divine Charters with God for the Elementals and Nature Kingdoms, so that a radical and significant shift can be made toward humanity’s conscious awareness about their interrelatedness and co-creational abilities for a more active and mutually beneficial co-creative collaboration together”.

Much time and a lot of water have passed under the Bridge that we have created thus far and as we continue to Build These Structures of Consciousness, I wish to share with you the same introduction and Prayer that I used within my first Introduction Discourse with the EGA Council.

“Before I begin I wish to share this with All of You as part of Our Unified Consciousness. These are the Words of My Beloved Brother Master Jesus, and that for me, sums up very clearly My Intentions for Co-Creating this Council and the desire to ‘bring to the Light of human consciousness’ a solution and resolution for building a Bridge of Consciousness, A Bridge of Friendship, A Bridge of Trust, between Humanity and the Elemental and Nature Kingdoms. It is from A Course in Miracles.

‘Peace be to Me, the Holy Son of God. Peace to My Brother, who is One with Me. Let All the world be Blessed with Peace through Us. Father, it is Your Peace that I would give, receiving it of You. I Am Your Son, forever just as You Created Me, for the Great Rays remain forever still and undisturbed within Me. I would reach to Them in Silence and in certainty, for nowhere else can certainty be found. Peace be to Me, and Peace to All the world. In Holiness were We Created, and in Holiness do We remain. Your Son is like to You in Perfect Sinlessness. And with this thought We gladly say Amen!"

And So It Is!


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