Introduced to EGA: February, 2016

Joined the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council:  December. 2016

My Location: Alma, Ontario, Canada

I have lived all my life in a rural, farming community in southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Part of my daily routine is that I absolutely must be in nature and solitude every day, for the energies of large groups of people and cities exhaust and overwhelm me.  It was not until the past few years that I learned that I was an empath.

After my husband’s illness in 2005 and his transition in July 2008, everything that I knew and thought to be real collapsed around me and I began my real spiritual journey to find out “Who Am I?”

My two passions are reading and family and friends, and it was the love of reading that led me in February 2016, to Peter Melchizedek and his book, The Elemental Grace Alliance – the Awakening.

My life has changed dramatically in the time since then.  I constantly strive to overcome my shadows and undesirable personality traits and focus on self-mastery.  I share the wisdom that I have learned through study and life experiences with those that I feel are ready to hear and make every attempt to lead by example.

In 2006, during my husband’s illness, I first learned of  Reiki and energy healing and this is also an important part of my life today.

Over the past few years, I would receive words from an outside source and did not fully understand what was happening.  The first words were, “As Above, So Below”, which I later learned is attributed to Thoth and his Emerald Tablets.  Another phrase was, “Let Nothing disturb your Peace of Mind.”

  When I purchased a BioGenesis crystal, I was led to hold it near my 3rd eye chakra, and received the words, “Align your Body, Mind and Spirit with the Highest Levels of Creation.”  Recently in my dream state I received, “You came to bring forth Evolution, EVOLVE.”  And finally, “There is more than enough Love for everyone.  Keep some for yourself and Spread the Rest Around.”

I only remember coming into this lifetime wanting to have a family to love.  But deep down there was also a yearning that there was something else that I just hadn’t found yet.  By following my instincts and continuing the search, I have been rewarded with the Elemental Grace Alliance and the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council.  The timing was perfect and the information current and timeless.

From the words of Richard Rudd, author of the Gene Keys, in his Youtube Video of, “Seven Sacred Seals -  Invocation of the 7th Seal”;

“May we come every day closer into communion with our highest zenith – to be one with the Godhead, to become a perfect aspect of Deity, a Divine shard shimmering in the great theatre of the Cosmos.

We humbly request the opening of the Seventh Seal.  We know that the opening of such a sacred portal involves a relationship.  We understand that the Seal need only be opened from our side, remaining as it is permanently open from the higher side in its infinite compassion.”

May you be blessed to find that which you seek.

With Love,

Rosemeri Joy

‘Rosemeri “Joy” Ritter’

Mother Gaia

Universal Diamond Heart

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