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Divine Understanding

Divine Will

The following Discourses have all been received by various Masters who have engaged with us, as part of the unfolding Studies since they began in April 2018.  They have been compiled here in chronological order for your interest and contemplation, either for interest only, or as preparatory information prior to beginning the Rules Study Program.

The latter is your own responsibility to communicate or be guided by your I Am Presence, as to which Discourses, would best assist you in this Study process.  There are no rules here, you are in charge of your own active participation, so what you put into it, is what you shall get out of it!  Energies follow thought and what you give your attention to you create!  It is all only information until you place it into your experience.

In Love and Light - Happy Reading

12 Purity The Salvation Of A World In Need Eloah Purity 12.6.18.pdf 01 EGA Frequently Asked Questions 2.2.18.pdf 02 Points of Tension  4.2.18.pdf 03 Rule 1 Trial Study Instruction Categories 27.3.18.pdf 04 DJWHAL KHUL BREATHING EXERCISE 30.3.18.pdf 05 Introduction To Disciples Rule 1 Study DK  18.4.18.pdf 06 Spiritual Commissions Rule 1 Study Group DK 5.8.18.pdf 07 Your Pledge To Self 18.5.18.pdf 08 Mystery Revealed Gethsemane Revelation DK 18.5.18.pdf 09 Life is Action God is Not Quiet Lady Nada 23.5.18.pdf 10 Awakening To Revelation Rule 1 Study DK 18.5.18.pdf 11 Highest Potential Underpinning Rules Study Sue 18.5.18.pdf 13 Expose of Purity Rule 1 Study Group  DK 29.6.18.pdf 14 Existence of Creation of No Existence  Hilarion 29.6.18.pdf 16 The Mount of Transfiguration Rule 1 DK 6.9.18.pdf 17 Transfiguration and Illumination Sue  9.9.18.pdf 18 Individual and Group Recognition DK 6.10.18.pdf 15 Initiation of Light the Planetary Background for July Sue 20.7.18.pdf Yellow Brick Road Rule 1 Djwhal Khul 6th  November 2018.pdf New Moon 7th November 2018 The Light of Regeneration.pdf