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The Elemental Grace Alliance

Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council

Rule 1 of the 14 Rules for Group Initiation Trial Study Group   

Reference: -  Introduction Letter to the 10 day course.

June New Moon Study Group.                                        Please Note:- Applications close on the 6th June

Blessings Dear One,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today having received your expression of interest to join this 10-day Rule 1 Trial Study.  As you know by now this is only Rule 1 of 14 Rules for Group Initiation.  The Course is based on the Books by Alice A. Bailey and Our Beloved Djwhal Khul.  The next New Moon starting date is 13th June 2018 at 20:43. This is BST time of the New Moon in the UK, so you will have to check your own international time-lines for your own area.  The daily study period, of around 1 hour per day, is not dependant on doing the writing at this exact time, but rather within 12 hours either side of this time.  It is flexible, so use your own discretion and inner guidance.

If you have not already done so, you will need to fill in Application Form (02 Rule 1 Trial Study Formal Application Form) below, and submit it to us, so we can then process before providing you with the link to the actual Study work.

In the meantime, it is extremely important, if you are not fully aware of Master Djwhal Khul’s Books, that you familiarise yourself, with, at the very least, the list of documents and writings identified here and attached to the email for your convenience.  You may have read these already from the website, they are all there, so, the more you are aware regarding your intention and that which is complimentary to it, the better your comprehension of the material in the study will be.

Should this starting date not be suitable for you, or you feel you do not have enough time to prepare, then the next Study Group shall be on the New Moon in July.  We are going to be running at least 9 in total, so really, any New Moon that suits you, is fine by us!

(16th April, 15th May, 13th June, 13th July, 11th August, 9th Sept, 9th Oct, ,7th Nov or 7th Dec.)

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to write and ask and we shall do our best to answer them.  This is going to be a Group Study, so your participation in sharing will be vital to allow what you are studying to be integrated in a real physical way!  We have found within our studies that the daily lessons actually can reflect something going on with in your own personal lives, either within the group exchanges or within your own personal life!  It is very exciting when this happens because one can see first hand, how it all plays out in every day terms. Be mindful however that this has the potential of bring up stuck or suppressed issues, physically, emotionally, mentally, even spiritually.  So, although we are not here to be mentors or facilitators, we will most definitely support anyone who goes through anything that needs further guidance or assistance. Just so you are aware of this in advance.

Okay now time to get prepared, here are the lists of reading attachments we highly recommend, any more you are guided to, or directed to by your I Am Presence, shall be your responsibility to follow through.

We will speak more on the Construction of Building of the Antahkarana at the end of this 10-day Rule 1 Study Program, when we will introduce the next set of documents for those who may wish to continue with the balance of the 13 Rules. We would highly recommend reading what you can here on the Website, particularly the pages immediately below

                            Follow the links - read, review and familiarize yourself with them where possible.

01 Rule 1 Study Invitation to Group Initiations.pdf 03 Antahkarana and The EGA Intro Book 2 El Morya.pdf 04 Your Pledge To Self.pdf 05 Points of Tension.pdf 06 Grants and Investments El Morya.pdf 07 Codes of Conduct For Disciples El Morya.pdf 08 EGA Frequently Asked Questions.pdf 09 El Morya 49 Shades of Grey  2nd May 2018.pdf

 “Download The Following  14 prerequisite Files & Discourses”

Please note that in the first Study Group we found that people trying to do this Work on iPhone found it quite difficult due to the writing and reading of documents.  Also some Dear Souls do not use Microsoft Word and need the documents in another format,   So it shall be your choice as to how you proceed but we just wanted to share with you so you know what to expect and we can do whatever we can as early as possible rather than waiting to the work begins which actually can disrupt the group efforts.  I am sure you will understand.

We look forward to speaking with you again soon.  We hope we have been of help to get you started, hopeful in a way that shall encourage you to follow through with the whole of the 14 Rules for Group Initiation soon.  Until next we speak, In Love and Light, be discerning and be sure this is what your I Am Presence is Guiding you to do.

God Bless You

The Elemental Grace Alliance

Rule 1 Trial Study Group Opportunity Antahkarana EGA Book 2 Antahkarana Rainbow Bridge

“Additional Downloadable files for your interest”

012 Life is Action God is Not Quiet Lady Nada 23rd May 2018.pdf 013 Awakening To Revelation Rule 1 Study Group Djwhal Khul 26th May 2018.pdf 014 Rule 1 Study Sample Decree.docx 011 Mystery Revealed – Gethsemane Revelation – Djwhal Khul, 21st May 2018.pdf Spiritual Commissions for The Rule 1 Study Group DK 8th May 2018.pdf Christos 2.JPG