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“I Anchor The Light Of The World”

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Dear Hearts,

By now having completed the Rule 1 Study group you will have a very good idea of what you need to do in every aspect. If you wish a refresher then you can visit the page via the link here

URL: http://http://www.elementalgracealliance.com/ruleonestudyinvitation.html

Starting Time:  The time designated to start is based on BST British Standard Time. That is GMT – 1 hour.  You will need to calculate your local time from this BST time.

Link :- URL: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Building the Rainbow Bridge

For the first time every, under instruction and close supervision from Beloved Djwhal Khul each Rule, beginning with Rule 2, is going to have aligned to it, a Visual that has a Resonance beginning here at 55,000 and incrementing accordingly, thereafter, for the purpose of continuing the Construction of the Individual Antahkarana.  Rule 2 Visual is the one above “I Anchor the Light of the World”. You may download this image by hovering over the image and downloading accordingly.  Its use is simple.  Say a Prayer and Invocation to Divine Consciousness, Mother / Father God, to your I Am Presence and the Christ Within and ask that they Over Light you and to do whatever is for your Highest Good in Accordance to Divine Will to continue the building of the Rainbow Bridge. Choose your own words carefully and then with no further words put is all aside and then simply be mindful of the Visual and meditate upon it, lay it by your note pad as you write or as you read the Lessons.  Do whatever you wish with the Visual, place it on your computer screen as a desk top saver or image, laminate it and place it under your pillow, put it on your mantle piece, what you feel led to do, but allow this Visual to speak to you and use your Imagination to Guide you how to use it.  Ask your I Am Presence for Guidance. There are no rues and no instructions, just do your best not to project any thoughts as to how you feel it ‘should’ be done. If you have any questions, please ask, we are here to support and assist where we can.

Share your experiences as and when you can, if you can, for this is really important.  One more thing, this is for your own personal Antahkarana, not the group’s.  It is as individual journey as your life has been to date.  Trust in the Journey and be mindful as you can, of all the Revelations that have been revealed to date! Stay centred, stand within your own Sovereignty and be in Joy as much as you can!

"Father, not my will but Thine be done."

I Anchor The Light Of The World

Each Day is downloadable from the links below.

Rule 3 MP3 is Downloadable From the Speaker Box Below If You Wish An Audible Version

When opened you may listen here on the page or click the 3 dots on the right to download

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