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Why This Study Trial?

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Rule 1 of the 14 Rules for Group Initiation

For Applicants: Let the disciple search within the heart's deep cave. If there the fire burns bright, warming his brother and sister, yet heating not himself, the hour has come for making application to stand before the door.

For Disciples and Initiates: Within the fire of mind, focused within the head's clear light, let the group stand. The burning ground has done its work. The clear cold light shines forth and cold it is and yet the heat—evoked by the group love—permits the warmth of energetic moving out. Behind the group there stands the Door. Before them opens out the Way. Together let the band of brothers and sisters onward move—out of the fire, into the cold, and toward a newer tension.   -  DK

Blessings Dear Souls,

For those of you who are now aware of the Elemental Grace Alliance, we would like to share something with you that will hopefully help each person who registers for this Experimental Study Group along their own Path of Initiation. It has been brought to our attention through a recent Discourse with Beloved El Morya, that there is a need for some creativity on behalf of would be Disciples to engage in new potentialities to develop new educational techniques and procedures, and so as part of the training faculties within the expanding growth of the Elemental Grace Alliance, this particular Rule 1 Study Group is being designed, to see how effective it may be to act as a trigger for opening one’s connection to their I Am Presence for further preparations upon their Path of Initiation.

Many of you have heard of the Alice Bailey Books written by the Master Djwhal Khul, also known as the Tibetan.  The Elemental Grace Alliance has been Granted a Dispensation that has secured the direct Guidance from Master DK Himself, and therefore is now deeply involved in the studies to arrive and pass through the next set of Disciple/Initiate Initiations as set out in His many books, particularly in The Rays and The Initiations, Discipleship in The New Age Volume 1 and 2, Esoteric Astrology, and Education in the New Age to mention but a few, We come to you now, principally on behalf of further introducing the Elemental Grace Alliance to you, but this is by no means the only reason.  We here at the EGA are here to assist all Dear Souls upon their Paths and within their Divine Service to Humanity, no matter what that may be. So, if this Trial Study Group helps you and you wish to remain outside of the EGA Membership, you are Divinely Blessed and welcome to participate just the same.

DK says from the Alice Bailey Book Rays and Initiations;

“To Help Me Dear Hearts, at the optimum Levels of Attainment, I need you to be glamour free, creatively and as a Group; walking within the madness, speaking within the disarray of confusion, thinking and feeling in the pandemonium of hearts, minds, bodies and spirits, in the turmoil of the loss of Divine Consciousness; standing firm and balanced within your I Am Presence, unaffected in the face of all adversities.

“I will help you as individuals to find detachment, dispassion and discrimination which the Buddha taught.

“I will help you as a Group to find the complete dissolution and subordination of the personality and to expand the Unity Consciousness for the Group’s Significant Pursuits, as a Group, as Christ taught.

“I will help you with your Group Endeavours, to rise in consciousness to go forth as a Divine Unity of Oneness, To Love and Serve All Beings while truly Comprehending and Understanding the Truth of Working as a Group within this New Golden Age.

“I will remind you constantly, to remember exactly what you are doing at all times. This is of major importance. To know why this is important is so that you register consciously and all the time, just exactly what you are doing. I would have you remember that right doing is the result of Being. If your awareness of being is of a personality nature, so will be your activities and creations. If your consciousness is focused in Spiritual Being, Group Attainments, your spontaneous, creative and active Service will be consequently through this Radiation. Please ponder on this, for it has great value in its simplicity. Not easy to attain, but simple in words.”

End of Excerpt


It is simple! The EGA will provide the Study Material and schedule for Study on an individual basis. It shall be a 10-day Study period that shall require around one hour per day whereby you simply say a Prayer to Invoke the Energies of the Day, Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. The Prayer and Invocation will be provided as a guideline, and you are free to create your own if you wish. Then you write in a notebook the given daily Lesson/Study Information. It is no more than a page and a half of text from the DK Book, The Rays and Initiations. The text shall be sent to you. You are asked to contemplate the daily Study and make notes or you can share your experiences with the EGA Shoud, including the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Group. We are here to support you within this process.

The Study is free of charge, to comply with the foundations of what the Elemental Grace Alliance stands for. However, if you wish to make a donation as part of the Exchange of Energies, then your kind offerings will be gratefully received. We are always in need of financial support. But there is no obligation here!


Simply send us an email to that effect or if you wish to join the EGA on a more permanent basis you can register with the Application form on the Elemental Grace Alliance, Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council page on the Website.

Upon the receipt of your email or Application Form, found on the Website page “SOEPDC Council”, we will send you the documents and Scheduled Plan that you can best apply your study period to.  The plan provides for 12 monthly Study Groups that begin on each New Moon of the Month.   The reason we are doing this, this way, is that on the day of the New Moon each month, there shall hopefully be a Group of Dear Souls who will actually be doing this together as one group.  It shall be an individual assignment, but the Group element will also be present in this “Format of Approach”!  You will understand this more deeply when you read all the relevant supporting information on the pages of the Website.

This is but a small cross section of what we are sharing here.  So please download the full PDF to read the entire introduction and what to do next if you feel ready to register for this Rule 1 Trial Study Group.  The link is below! God Bless and we look forward to hearing from you.

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To help the Elemental Grace Alliance to continue to provide it’s information and Services free of any charges or fees, your kind and generous donations, gratuities or sponsorships, would be Gratefully and Loving Appreciated.  Thank you for your Heart Felt consideration.

God Bless You!