‘About Sue’

Co-founded the EGA: January, 2011

Joined the Sun Of Even Pressure Disciple Council:  October, 2015

My Location: Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

From an early age I had a real curiosity to discover where I had come from, and what Life was all about. At the age of twelve, sitting in an orchard, I asked "Who Am I" - suddenly, I found I was outside of my body, looking down onto my body - I thought "How useful my body is, how wonderful it is - but it is not me".

This altered state of awareness occurred naturally, I had no conception of meditation, higher consciousness, or altered states of awareness.  However, my lasting impression of that moment in time was of being in an energetic field of such Grace and Peace - and in that "holding field" a key of remembrance dropped into my consciousness which has stayed with me.  This was the start of my journey.  

Now, decades later, I have walked many paths studied many philosophies, and have had many blessed experiences which all lead to the same understanding - each of us is a unique expression of the Universal Field of Consciousness - each of us is intimately inter-connected to Source and each of us is extraordinarily precious.

My passion is astrology or, Cosmo-biology,  which is the fusion of the combined wisdom held within astrology, spirituality and the quantum sciences.      In 1989 I became a Member of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and over the years I have worked with many souls on an individual basis to assist in the releasing of old, negative energetic archetypal patterns, allowing for a freer flow of Photonic Light through the subtle bodies, enabling a consciousness shift and a resonance recalibration.


For the last several years my focus has been working with our individual genetic blueprint that is revealed within the Gene Keys and how our DNA is intimately linked into the planetary cycle at the time of our birth.

At this point in my life I can look back on a journey that has brought many gifts – wife, mother and grandmother bless my presence on Earth.     Joy for me is in weaving the Cosmos and daily life into a seamless dance of mutual reception – seeing God in all beings and blessing every precious moment.

My Soul honours your Soul

I honour the place in you where the entire Universe resides

I honour the Light, Love, Truth, Beauty and Peace within you

Because it is also within me

In sharing these things we are united we are the same

We are One

Divine Understanding

Universal Peace

‘ For more information about my work or if you would like a consultation please see my ‘astrolight’ website.’

Co-Founder, Co-Creator, Administrator, Guardian and Custodian Of the Elemental Grace Alliance’

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