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Blessings Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light!

Welcome to Synthesis

This is the very first E-Magazine Created for the Elemental Grace Alliance Divine Plan and we are so excited to be able to share it all with you all!

This Magazine might appear on the surface to be another Spiritual Magazine, but that would not be the Whole Truth.   The layout and information contained within Synthesis, may appear to be unconventional, with little to no personal identities, having no services to sell or offering any teaching, or facilitation of events, and that is absolutely Intentional!  

The EGA is not an Organization or Foundation, not a Society, Club  or Institution.  The EGA is all about Synthesis with The Elemental, Devas and Angelic Host Kingdoms and the practical Applications of the Cosmic Law of the ‘I Am’ Presence. That means to become a Living Group Organism!

This month we begin by defining the Law of Synthesis and introducing you all to some EGA Information that will help support you in your journey in how best to use the Cosmic Laws in your life, as you journey day by day toward your own Divine Ascension, in this lifetime if possible.

The EGA offers all its services ‘free of charge’.  All its Discourses are presented as ‘information only’ for educational purposes.   That means this E Magazine is also ‘free’ to All.  

We do have expenses and running costs and for these we rely on Gifts or Donations that allow us to continue to grow and expand this Divine Plan, so if you feel Guided to contribute to this EGA Group Initiative, your loving generosity will be gratefully received.

From All of Us at the Elemental Grace Alliance

 “If you would like to Sponsor the ‘Good to will’, ‘The Good -to - Be’ and the continued evolution of the EGA through this Magazine and Website, any Love Gift would be gratefully received - Bless You.

My Love and grateful thanks go out to you all for this awesome gift, not only for those souls feeling disillusionment with the chaos happening in the world today and seeking ‘a better way’ (as described by ACIM), but also those of us who were drawn to explore the 14 Rule Study opportunity.  This publication has for me been an opportunity to pull all that learning together, giving a much clearer overview of The Probationary Path for Initiates and Disciples!

- The magazine has clearly been designed in a way to excite the explorer into a sense of wanting to know more....   

- That has been skilfully moulded into an invitation to step beyond the density of 3D living, and to explore the more enlightened approach of the higher dimensions....

- With so many souls now ready to take that leap of faith this really is, I feel, a God given invitation for those ‘on the cusp’, to embrace this magazine, welcoming its publication with not only open arms, but an Open Mind and a Loving Heart!

The presentation has beautiful content at a level which can be easily absorbed by those souls just ripe for such an opportunity - the visual images are 'simply out-of-this-world', and the  presentation of the contents conjures up emotions that excite the soul journeyer to step aboard and embrace this “Magical Mystery Tour”!    A Blessing to humanity, indeed!!   Celeste

Our first full review!


And much more!

Narayana and Divine Grace  EGA  Helios and Vesta  3rd February 2016.pdf

Elementals,Devas and Angelic Host

And much more!

Christ Councils

And much more!

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