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Blessings Dear Hearts,

I am going to leave it to Master Djwhal Khul to speak directly to you in His Own words from the Alice Bailey Book “Rays and the Initiations,” - Part 1.  The full copy of this introduction can be downloaded from the Button Link below this text area entitled  “14 Rules Preliminary Remarks” for your further interest.

However, please remember that the Djwhal Khul books were written between 80 and 100 years ago and that the consciousness of humanity around the planet today has changed significantly.  Therefore although the information is highly beneficial and vital to be consciously integrated, some of the techniques need to be updated and that is what we, here at the Elemental Grace Alliance, under strict Supervision and Guidance from the Masters, are doing. Not rewriting any of DK’s Work, but simply reviewing where we can simplify the implementations while not having to go through the same old, same old “burning ground” for the releases and clearings of old consciousness, thus, making them possible through greater Ease and Grace, with far less pain and disruptions within our lives.  Here is a channel that was received by Jeannette DiGesu the day after this web page had begun to be created.

The EGA Group' s Ideas, Ideals and Creations, for the Rainbow Bridge Study and Antahkarana Guides will create new road maps – paths to follow, that will include the New Energy of the Dispensations and Grants that have Graced the EGA. The Path will be easier than it was when the Alice Bailey books were written.  The process will not change, yet the Souls who might struggle through the practices and then fail will become fewer in number, when the Education for these prerequisites for ascension are simplified with additional knowledge that is already instilled within Dear Souls who have already done a lot of work on themselves and of course the New Children coming in now and in the future. 

“The skills of this Group, Over Lighted by the Masters, and the learning of all the experiences to date through this Group, as a single Unified Expression, will carry a New Cross for the New Age.  Nothing to do with burdens, guilt, redemption, emancipation or salvation as it is presently understood at this time by the masses. It is a New Type of Cross for The New Age Disciples upon the Path of Initiation, that will be seen as a treasure map, that will Light the Way of the Initiate with less pain, more understanding with a higher appreciation for the Group Soul and Monad.  This is a Cross totally unrelated to old beliefs within the Christian Churches and must be employed through understanding and right application.  It is about the use of  Divine Love, Wisdom and Power that is Connected to the Truth of Who You Are.  It is required however, that the New Disciples are ready, and have made the choices for Initiation along with the Will-To-Be becoming the Will-To-Good.

“Do not miss the Key Points and hints within DK’s Writings, those that cannot be written or taught. We want you to Create a Guide that will help ease any discomfort of the soul that may be experienced through the Trial's by Fire, so that they Know they have the Support and Guided Direction needed to build a better tomorrow. Let Us help share for a Greater Unity Consciousness for our Brother's and Sister's along the Path.  Your Group Light, Hope, Faith, Balance and a Will-to-Good in a Dark World is needed more than ever now.  You all share imbalances together as One Force Field, in order to create a New Golden Age “Format of Approach”, without losing the fundamental Templates and Foundations of aeons past. Your Intuition, not your minds, will guide you through your new endeavours that shall assist to merge the 3 into One for the Benevolence of All. Go now and Know that your Guiding and Supporting Sponsors Are With You”!

Beginning of DK Excerpt.


It might be here of value, my brothers and sisters, if I again laid emphasis upon the fact that the formless world is only entered when the aspirant has acquired somewhat the capacity to centre himself on the abstract levels of the mental plane. This involves necessarily certain developments within the aspirant's own nature. The demanded contact would otherwise be impossible. What is needed is self-exertion, the resultant developments of which might be touched upon as follows:

I. The Repolarization of the Entire Lower Man so that his/her attitude toward the aggregate of forms which make up his field of general contact has changed. He/she is no longer deluded by the things of the senses but has in his hand that thread or clue which will eventually guide him/her out of the maze of the lower life perceptions into the field of clear knowledge and the realm where daylight is found; he/she will then no longer need to walk in the dark. This repolarization is brought about in four ways, each of which provides the next step forward, and in their totality (and when definitely followed) will eventuate in the total subjugation of the personality.

II. A constant and unfailing attempt to centre the consciousness within the head. From this central position the real man, the directing agency will direct and guide all his members, imposing upon the "lunar lords" of the physical body a new rhythm and habit of response. Two factors are of value and helpful in the production of the necessary polarization:

The reiterated appreciation of the words "I am the Self, the Self am I."

The habit of early morning meditation wherein the Thinker centres him/herself in the point of control and starts upon his day's experience and contacts with the realization that they are only the Observer, the Perceiver and Actor.

III.  A close consideration throughout the day as to the use and misuse of energy. Every man should realize that in the use of energy lies direction and the treading of the Path. It produces eventually truthful manifestation and the displaying of one's light in order that circumstances may be irradiated and fellow pilgrims helped. Students should familiarize themselves with the "energy concept" and learn to regard themselves as energy units displaying certain types of energy. In this connection it should be borne in mind that when spiritual energy and material energy (the two opposite poles) are brought into relationship, a third type of energy is produced, and the work of the fourth or human kingdom is to demonstrate this peculiar type. It might serve to clarify thought if students remembered that Superhuman entities display spiritual energy. Subhuman entities display the energy of matter.

Human entities display soul energy.

In the perfect manifestation of these three will the plan of creation be consummated. It should also be borne in mind that these three are nevertheless a manifestation of duality—spirit and matter—and that this is the manifestation of a great Existence and of His appearing. Therefore, what are called the "three gunas" in Hindu philosophy are but the qualities He manifests through these types of entities. Superhuman lives express sattva, the guna of rhythm and of harmonious response to divine urge, of perfect display of coordinated cooperation with the purpose of manifestation.

Human lives demonstrate the quality of rajas, of mobility, of constant and conscious change in order to ascertain what is the Real and through the medium of experience demonstrate the true nature of rhythmic response.

Subhuman lives express the guna of tamas or of inertia. They work blindly and have no ability to respond consciously to the plan. They are the sum total of the "units of inertia" just as the human units are called "the points of light moving within the square." This may have its appeal to Masons.

This subject of the use or misuse of energy is capable of infinite expansion, and in my other books where I give you more upon the centres I have enlarged upon it. I but seek at this time to give you that which can be of immediate use to students and thus lay the foundation for later work.

IV.  A close study of the needed transmutation of astral and emotional energy into love, the energy of love. This involves the sublimation of personal feeling into group realization or consciousness, and when carried out successfully produces in time the construction of a higher and subtler body, the Buddhic sheath. When this sheath is thus materialized a very high stage of advancement is marked, but the earlier stages can be intelligently approached by any earnest student and probationer. To transmute emotion into love the following realizations will be found necessary:

1. A realization that all moods, all display of sorrow, of pain, or of happy excitement are due to our identification with the objects of desire, with the form aspect, and with that which is material.

2. An understanding of the emotional or astral body and the place it plays in the student's development. It should be recognized as the shadow of the monad, and a connection should be traced between

The Astral Sheath....6th Plane

The Buddhic Sheath...4th Plane

The Monadic Sheath...2nd Plane and the place the love petals in the egoic lotus play should also be carefully considered.

3. A comprehension of the potency of the astral sheath owing to its undivided nature.

4. A study of the purpose of the solar plexus, and the part it plays as an organ of transference of energy from the three great centres below the diaphragm to the three higher centres. There is a very close analogy here to the solar lotus, the egoic body, occupying a midway point between the threefold Monad and the threefold lower man.

End of Excerpt

The Rays of Initiation Djwhal Khul 14 Rules - Preliminary Remarks

Cosmic Communion

Great Central Sun

00 Part One  Preliminary Remarks.pdf 23rd Jan 2018 Embodiment Lisa Renee.pdf

In Indian philosophy and yoga, Antahkarana refers to the internal organ that is the location or inner origin of thought and feeling. The word originates from the Sanskrit antar, meaning “interior” or “within,” and karana, meaning “sense organ” or “cause.” It translates as “the inner cause” or “internal organ.”

It is defined as either the link between the body and the spirit or the bridge between the middle and Higher Mind. The term may also be defined as the source of thinking, or the mind, soul, heart or conscience.

According to Vedanta literature, Antahkarana consists of four parts:

1. Manas (mind) – the lower, rational part of the mind that connects with the external world.

2. Chitta (memory) – the consciousness where impressions, memories and experiences are stored.

3. Buddhi (intellect) – the decision-making part of the mind.

4. Ahamkara (ego) – the attachment or identification of the ego, also known as “I am-ness.”

Antahkarana refers to the whole psychological process, including emotions. In some Hindu traditions, the Antahkarana may refer to two levels of the mind, both the intellect (Buddhi) and the middle mind or mental body (manas).

The Antahkarana is esoterically known as the "Rainbow Bridge of Light" and it takes you into Oneness Consciousness. Therefore, the Antahkarana represents a state of awareness, yet there are Energy channelling structures or threads which participate in and facilitate this state of awareness.

These Energy threads or cords connect the conscious mind and personality to the Soul, Monad, Atma or God-Self... the I AM Presence. They also connect us to our true family of light in the higher consciousness planes.

Djwhal Khul says this about the Antahkarana.

“Within the fire of the mind, focused within the head's clear light, let the group stand.

In this sentence, you have the idea of intellectual perception and of focused unity. Intellectual

perception is not mental understanding, but is in reality the clear cold reason, the Buddhic principle in action and the focused attitude of the Spiritual Triad in relation to the personality. I would call your attention to the following analogies:

Head Monad Atma Purpose.

Heart Soul Buddhi Pure reason.

Base of spine Personality Manas Spiritual activity.

In these words, you have, therefore, the position of the personality indicated as it stands at the penetrating point of the Antahkarana as it contacts the manas or lower mind and is thus the agent of the purpose of the Monad, working through the Spiritual Triad which is—as you know—related to the personality by the Antahkarana.

“It will be apparent to you, therefore, that these higher spiritual faculties can only be brought into play when the bridging Antahkarana is beginning to play its part. Hence the teaching which I am giving on the construction of the Rainbow Bridge”.

“In both individual and group contexts, developing the Antahkarana is a fundamental aspect of Initiation. Remember that “no major initiation can be taken until there is some measure of conscious use of the Antahkarana.”  Similarly, “groups being prepared for initiation should consist only of those who are in process of building the Antahkarana.” More specifically, the Antahkarana can be considered as a measuring stick of awareness. That’s because Initiation indicates mastery of, or freedom from, the influences of a particular plane, and the Antahkarana is a bridge or roadway of consciousness projected through the planes. For example, the Antahkarana must be completed and direct contact must be established with the Spiritual Triad by the time the third initiation has been taken.’ For the Fourth Initiation, the Antahkarana provides the road to Renunciation through which one withdraws from form life: ‘It is with the Antahkarana that the initiate is concerned in the fourth initiation.’”  End of Excerpt

It is very important to become aware of how any sense of conflict at all is ultimately born of the limited ego-mind. The High Self in fact has no conflict with anything, that type of energy is simply not resonant with its true nature, which is rooted in the Soul Reality of oneness consciousness. Therefore, the most powerful thing we can do to build the Antahkarana, our Rainbow Bridge of Light into Oneness Consciousness, is to simply recognize this and step away of any perceived conflict between High and low Self/self respectively; it is an illusion. To accomplish this requires a Self Realization that it is in fact the ego operating on BOTH sides of this conflict. The ego disguises itself as Higher Self, then puts lower self and the perceived Higher Self into conflict. The ego does not care which side wins, it only cares that we stay engaged with the conflict, because that is how the ego remains strong.

When you recognize this and then step out of the conflict to observe both sides without trying to figure out which is "right," you then move into a position that is actually in resonance with your True Self, your Higher Self which operates in the Soul Reality of oneness consciousness where there is no polarizations of duality to cause conflict. As you become increasingly able to accomplish this, you are building your Antahkarana, your Rainbow Bridge of Light into oneness consciousness, in a very powerful and effective way which will go the distance with you.

One of the keys to accelerating the development of the Antahkarana is developing the ability to be able to hold one's focus upon the Highest Point of Light and Awareness accessible to them in each and every moment. We must then also LIVE according to that highest point of Light and Awareness at all times to the best of our ability. This activity develops the Antahkarana, Rainbow Bridge of Light into Oneness Consciousness. This is also greatly facilitated when used in conjunction with proper meditation techniques. The duality which profoundly enters an individual's experience once they have started developing the Antahkarana can be very intense. The awareness which emanates from the High Self is seemingly continually juxta-positioned against the more limited awareness of the concrete mind and instinctual-cellular levels of awareness. The conscious human mind must become the vehicle for these radically different spheres of awareness to find parity and harmony with each other. In so doing a sacred alchemy occurs wherein the more expanded state of Soul Reality Oneness Awareness transforms and entrains the more limited versions of awareness that are crystallized within the incarnational vehicle.

With all this in mind, I would like to introduce you to Beloved El Morya, who, when asked to share with the Sun of Even Pressure Disciple Council the relationship between the Elemental Grace Alliance and the Group Antahkarana, he explains very clearly this Divine Plan and its connections to anyone who wishes to be a part of this Council Alliance. Space is limited here but you can download His Discourse from the link below entitled “Antahkarana / EGA El Morya” to understand more clearly the importance of the Building of the Rainbow Bridge – The Antahkarana, not just within this Group, but within all lives, both as individuals and groups of higher awareness.

Also as part of this introduction, for your interest and further discernment, Beloved Djwhal Khul wanted to speak to the group to get our studies under way having made our Pledges as individuals and as a group to have Djwhal Khul our group Guide.  This was what He shared that opened up our awareness’s to begin our in depth Study of the Antahkarana and the construction of the Rainbow Bridge as part of our Group 3rd Initiation.  Follow the link below called “14 Rules Group Initiation SOEPC DK”.

 “The Construction of the Group Antahkarana

What Is The Antahkarana?”

Antahkarana and The EGA Intro Book 2 El Morya.pdf

In Beloved El Morya’s Discourse He speaks of the New EGA Book 2 called “The Group/Christ Antahkarana”.  It is not ready yet for dissemination, however we are sharing some of the Discourses in advance of its completion.  These Discourse are listed below in the various links for your pleasure and discernment.  But before you read any of these, we invite you to read the Lisa Renee - Embodiment Discourse, January 2018.  We have received many confirmations from various sources around the world who know’s nothing of the EGA and Lisa’s is the most profound that we have heard outside of this the EGA Divine Plan, giving it absolute validation of its authenticity on virtually every level.  So if you have any doubts about this work here, then read Lisa’s Channel below and use your own discernment to agree or disagree.  

Blessings to Lisa.

For the Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am

To help the Elemental Grace Alliance to continue to provide It’s Information and Services free of any charges or fees, please understand this does in fact, cost in time and money within its various activities;  not to mention the expansion of Its Divine Proposals for the New Radiation Centres soon to begin.   If you are in a position to be able to assist or contribute in helping us cover our costs, or plan for a Greater Future your kind and generous donations, gratuities or sponsorships, would be Gratefully and Loving Appreciated.  Thank you for your Heart Felt consideration.

God Bless You!

Rule 1 Invitation to Group Study Group Initiations.pdf UNDERSTANDING THE LAW OF RESONANCE.pdf Rule 1 Study Invitation Introduction to the 14 Rules Study Material for SOEPC  Djwhal Khul 28th October 2017.pdf SOEPC Council

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