‘The Elemental Grace Alliance Book Reviews’

Blessings Dear Hearts,

If you would like to assist and inspire, encourage and guide other Dear Soul’s toward Greater Freedom through Knowledge, then to speak of it openly and share your feelings is a wonderful way to Lead By Example!  People listen deeply, when we speak of positive and uplifting personal experiences. So if this book has made your Heart Sing in any way, through the Words shared, the Energies received or any other way that has been individual to you, please help others by offering your Heart sentiments for them to feel along with you! Your Valued Contribution shall be Gratefully received! Go to the ‘Contact’ page and send your Loving Contribution there!

Bless You - Peter

Some Reviews received to date

The Elemental Grace Alliance Book has initiated some deep rooted changes, giving to me so much more than I can describe in mere words. Suffice it to say that your words Peter and the words of the Ascended Masters, Elohim and our Extraterrestrial Brethren, have now sent me on a quest, a quest which has not always been easy on me and which is still in full process. New insights are dawning, as the Net of Light is expanding through humanity's re-connection on levels undreamed  of until very recently!      Sonja

The Book was packaged perfectly and arrived to me  in Pristine Condition. The choice of a plain white background and simple Book Cover gave me a sense that the Book was special somehow. It felt like it was a New Bible or an extension of the old one?  Many Blessings.      Kelley  

My Book arrived today. Pristine condition and having the most Beautiful Energy. I have enjoyed what I've read so far. I know I have waited for these Blessed Words a long time.      Deanna M

Who would have ever thought, that out of the ranks of the unascended human race, such a potent thought form, could have manifested to such a Grand Encouragement that has attracted the Whole of God’s Creations and Indeed Creators, to one point in time upon the Evolution of Mankind here on Mother Earth.     God Zeus of the First Secret Ray and Great Life Force of Akasha

Today, Beloved Ones, Great is Your Privilege! Great is Your Freedom, which stands with the Door wide open facing into the Great Eternal Light which holds all things for you. Will you not accept It? Will you not continue? The Great I Am Presence has pushed back the doors of doubt and fear, and over you is written in Golden Light, ‘Your Way To Freedom’. Will you not accept It? Enter in now with greater firm determination, and see how quickly will all disturbance dissolve and disappear from your World.              I Am St. Germain

“When I opened the Book, I knew I found the Golden Key to the Door of my Heart – My God – My Mighty I AM Presence - My many faceted Crystal of Truth - my Way Home. The book is MAGNIFICENT!  I LOVE  the white!  It came all intact clear across the world. I felt a Magical Joy, a Child at Christmas ready to unwrap a very special GIFT along with many more Gifts yet to come.  After unwrapping the Book, my Heart was a Magnet pulling the Book straight to my Heart. As I hugged the book, I felt a sense of Gratitude, Unconditional Love and Comfort, as if I found my way back home after a long journey.   When I opened the Book, I knew I found the Golden Key to the Door of my Heart – My God – My Mighty I AM Presence-My many faceted Crystal of Truth-my Way Home. It reminds me of a Bible.  Volume One.  Just like the Alice Bailey Teachings!  I am so excited!!!!!  Nothing like a book in your hands versus a computer.”… Jeannette

I cherish the Book, it brings me so much comfort, confidence and a deeper sense of belonging to the Divine Truth. Yes, I honour and respond to my feelings about this magnificent Creation of Love. I'm savouring every sentence and often will read same page again and then meditate, visualizing what has been shared.           Ro

I have found the book compelling. I love the very powerful energy that leaps out of every page and feel privileged to be reading it. It and all the Beings sharing in the Discourses are so alive.  They willingly offer us their unconditional Love and Assistance. I feel so inspired, supported and trusted in, that it all becomes feasible, a strong possibility.  Jenny

I am currently on page 622.  I am totally immersed in the book.  There is a tendency towards exhaustion, but with the activations it can only be expected.  So I have been very gentle with myself, and resting as much as possible.  I also received Peter's Soft Cover Book, and it is quite beautiful.  In fact, it is so beautiful, and holds such a Light and Energy that I am still reading on my tablet.  I just have the Book on the table next to me while reading from the tablet.  There is something about it that is Sacred and I can refer to it if I need to.  I am quite speechless as to the content, and the messages brought forth.        Cynthia

I am finally into the pages of the 200's. This is by far the most moving book I have had the honour to read. It moves my very heart and soul. Thank you Peter for your time and effort in the writing if these pages. The energy is so kind and loving❤       Deanna


Universal Joy

Universal Communication

I am on page 603 now, I finished the second section. I’ll begin the third part soon, very inspiring, great work; thank you very much, the reading is a voyage for me.      Michel

This book is so incredible. I don't actually have words to describe it.        Jaqui

 It warms my heart and soul and is inspiring me to pay it forward. It is as if the floodgates of my soul have opened and the Love and Bliss I feel, almost brings me to my knees.  Gratitude , Humbleness , Compassion, Kindness, Love, Bliss and of course, how can I Serve God?        Deanna B

Wow, what can I say?  Your beautiful interpreting and then the creative writing of your book moves the soul in so many ways so many wonderful ways!  As you know, the moving of your writing is not only emotional, not only mindful, not only soulful,  physical is right there equally on top of the heartfelt sharing of all the Saints, Angels and Elemental beings helping Earth to hold her precious balance in an ever changing cosmos!

You inspire and amaze the very heart and soul of your reader absorbing deep grained truth, one just knows it is true as the words come from such a pure and gentle heart so full of giving Love to help in the Healing of Humanity. God Bless your beautiful shining soul! Your beautiful book has certainly moved this reader body and soul in every magical way, never thought in a million years the doors would close to the studio, yet it sure does seem that when one door closes, another surely will open, one more special than all one has ever known. This surely would never have happened without your Holy promptings to one’s own soul.        Imelda

It is with great honour I have read most of your E Book.  It is filled with beauty, magic and love.  It is beautiful because it touches all who read at a very deep level.  It is magical because it assists each who reads to move to the next level for them. It is filled with love flowing back and forth and through each and every word by all who helped bring this to the world.         Merina

A wonderful collection of inspired prose, Invocations and Channeling's that brings together the understanding of Nature Intelligence and the Spiritual Hierarchy in a beautiful Involutionary and Evolutionary Balance. A Blessed Gift of Remembrance as to the Sacredness of All Life on Mother Earth offered in Unity and Divine Love".  Anrita Melchizedek

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I so enjoyed meeting Vesta and Helios.  When I asked Vesta to fill my I AM Presence as well as my home with her brilliant light, my house transformed into a lighthouse.  I enjoyed meeting so many of the Hierarchy and Shamballa, Masters, Archangels and other Divine Beings, such as Alpha and Omega.  To be introduced to these Higher Beings tremendous sensitivity of pain, relief and joy as The Alliance began to Crystallize, made them more Alive, Dynamic and Fully Loving.  Their Beautiful Hearts coupled with Their Brilliant Minds, the solidarity among the Consorts and the fraternity was so awe-inspiring.  To read about your great pain at how Earth has been treated, how the adorable elementals have been abused … how so many promise to join but then abandon at this Herculean task, and how you persisted.  

You have proven to be true to your word and so deeply committed to elevating humanity, Earth, and the Elementals.  So many times, as I read passages, a few pages, amazing Light Codes poured into my crown chakra.  I usually had to lie down, enjoy the fractal geometries, give thanks, fall asleep and wake up refreshed, recoded and more luminous. 

Truly, this is one of the greatest books I have ever read, a series of Mystical Initiations into Ancient Mysteries regarding the History and Evolution of Humanity.  -  Louise

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