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Divine Elimination

Divine Order

The following Discourses have all been received by various Masters who have engaged with us, as part of the unfolding Studies since they began in April 2018.  They have been compiled here in chronological order for your interest and contemplation, either for interest only, or as preparatory information prior to beginning the Rules Study Program.

The latter is your own responsibility to communicate or be guided by your I Am Presence, as to which Discourses, would best assist you in this Study process.  There are no rules here, you are in charge of your own active participation, so what you put into it, is what you shall get out of it!  Energies follow thought and what you give your attention to you create!  It is all only information until you place it into your experience.

In Love and Light - Happy Reading

01 Groups and Gatherings The Great Divine Director  17th July 2016.pdf 02 Over Lighting Feminine Ray for SOEPDC Lady Portia.pdf 03 Master Rakoczy EU Tensions Brexit Good News 17th October 2017.pdf 04 EGA Triune Grace Commision Lady Portia 29th Dec 2017.pdf 05 Codes of Conduct For Disciples El Morya.pdf 06 Lord Melchizedek Kicking Off A Shoe BK 2 8th April 2018.pdf 07  El Morya 49 Shades of Grey  2nd May 2018.pdf 08 Cognitive Dissonance and Human Funding Schemes St Germain 11th June 2018.pdf 16 Expansion  Into Greater Light.pdf 15 Antahkarana and The EGA Intro Book 2 El Morya.pdf 14 2 August 2018 The Culminating Eclipse of Lion's Gate.pdf 13 Divine Lucidity 13 Rules Intro Djwhal Khul 5th August 2018.pdf 12 Laying the Grid Bees Transmission.pdf 11 Proof of Life - AA Metatron - 26th July, 2018.pdf 10 Factory of Light.pdf Introduction to the 14 Rules Study Material for SOEPDC  Djwhal Khul 28th October 2017.pdf Individualization, Initiation and Identification 2.14 Rules DK 10th December 2018.pdf Bridging Of Consciousness 144 Days Rules of Intiation.pdf Synthesis e-Magazine